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Patient, 86, dies after being hit by woman who claimed she was violating social distancing rules'
Law & Order | 25 hits
Janie Marshall, 86, died less than four hours after she was allegedly assaulted by 32-year-old Cassandra Lundy at the Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn on Saturday.
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Link Related to Canada in some say LILLEY: MPs take a pay raise while raising the carbon tax
Political | 39 hits
1 Comment
Talk about being tone deaf.MPs, who fled Ottawa over concerns about COVID-19 on March 13, will pocket a pay raise on April 1, the same day many Canadians will be wondering how to make rent or mortgage payments. It’s also the same day the carbon
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Link Related to Canada in some say Two men killed on rural Alberta road were hunting to feed their families
Law & Order | 37 hits
Two men found dead on a rural road north of Glendon, Alberta were hunting for food after a COVID-19 layoff the day before they were found.
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Why Taiwan has become a problem for WHO
Misc World | 36 hits
5 Comment
Taiwan is effectively locked out of the World Health Organization - and tensions are rising.
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Link Related to Canada in some say Coronavirus: Counterfeit Chinese-made face masks pulled offline after Global News probe
Health | 35 hits
Counterfeit safety masks from China have been removed from sales websites after an investigation by Global News found the items were not N95 certified as they had claimed.

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Man accused of attacking York cop released from custody an hour earlier because of COVID
Law & Order | 119 hits
Even with eight blows to his head from his own baton, a battered York Regional Police officer still managed to prevent a violent suspect from gaining control of his gun, the Sun has learned.There was an attempt to disarm this officer, said a police source
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Chinese markets are still selling bats
Business | 134 hits
2 Comment
Terrified dogs and cats crammed into rusty cages. Bats and scorpions offered for sale as traditional medicine. Markets in China are operating as usual.
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Link Related to Canada in some say Edmonton man loses bid to see police face disciplinary charges
Law & Order | 154 hits
1 Comment
An appeal launched by an Edmonton man who claimed he was the victim of excessive use of force by police has been dismissed by the Alberta Law Enforcement Review Board.

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U.S. stops enforcing many environmental laws, citing pandemic
Environmental | 205 hits
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday abruptly waived enforcement on a range of legally mandated public-health and environmental protections, saying industries could have trouble complying with them during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Link Related to Canada in some say Our golden connection to a cosmic explosion
Science | 183 hits
A neutron star merger 100 million years ago may be the source of Earth’s gold

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