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Link Related to Canada in some say BMW to make owners pay for features like heated seats via subscription
Tech | 149 hits
8 Comment
The German automaker's cars will soon be upgradeable via over-the-air updates — though missed payments could mean deactivation of those same features
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Link Related to Canada in some say Canada suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong over new security law
Misc World | 112 hits
7 Comment
Canada is suspending its extradition treaty with Hong Kong as part of a package of responses to the new security law China has imposed on the territory, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Friday.
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Link Related to Canada in some say Cenovus oil shipment leaves West Coast bound for eastern refineries — via Panama Canal
Business | 124 hits
2 Comment
Crude headed for Irving Oil refinery will travel 11,900-kilometre route through the Panama Canal.
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Link Related to Canada in some say Edmonton school trustee resigns over comments on refugee children and violence
3 Comment
An Edmonton public school trustee has resigned after linking refugee children and violence in schools.
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Link Related to Canada in some say Doubt cast over Trudeau's assertion that only WE Charity can run $900M student grant program
Political | 125 hits
2 Comment
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's claim that only the WE Charity could administer a $900 million student grant program for students is being disputed by some experts in the sector who say other organizations would be up to the task or have more experience.
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Link Related to Canada in some say Section applying Chinese national security law to whole world chills Canadian activists
Misc World | 166 hits
Activists in Canada call it an attack on their activities that at the very least will keep them from visiting Hong Kong, and could lead to more intimidation here

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Link Related to Canada in some say All charges dismissed against reporter who covered 2016 Muskrat Falls protests
Law & Order | 159 hits
The Crown said Tuesday morning it would not be submitting any evidence in Justin Brake’s case, bringing the almost four-year long legal battle to an end.
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13 tons of hair weaves suspected to be from Chinese internment camps seized at U.S. border
Misc World | 150 hits
Federal authorities in New York on Wednesday seized a shipment of weaves and other beauty accessories suspected to be made out of human hair taken from people locked inside a Chinese internment camp.

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