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Link Related to Canada in some say Canada Kicks Ass 2: The Sequel
CKA | 210 hits
1 Comment
While Trev continues to get the problems ironed out, come continue chatting with people who aren't Twits!

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Link Related to Canada in some say This site down again....
CKA | 311 hits
Other forum is here....

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German court rules Muslim who refused to shake woman's hand should not receive citizenship
Misc World | 383 hits
A German court has ruled that a Muslim doctor should not be granted citizenship after he refused to shake hands with the woman presenting him with his naturalisation certificate. According to the administrative court of Baden-Württemberg, the Lebanese man

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Link Related to Canada in some say B.C. party leaders enter final week of election campaign
4 Comment
The leaders of British Columbia's main political parties have kicked off their final week of campaigning before the election set for next Saturday.
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Massive ancient drawing of cat discovered on hill in Peru
Strange | 285 hits
An enormous drawing of a cat, etched into the side of a hill thousands of years ago, has been uncovered in Peru, adding another image to the country's catalogue of mystifying geoglyphs.
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Link Related to Canada in some say News brief: Hundreds of Haligonians come out to buy treaty lobsters
Misc CDN | 438 hits
“I am so excited to see you all here to experience the very first Mi’kmaw self-regulated treaty sale in Nova Scotia,” Dr. Cheryl Maloney of Sipekne’katik told Haligonians looking to pick up some treaty lobster.

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Teacher decapitated in Paris suburb, France's anti-terror prosecutor says
Law & Order | 239 hits
6 Comment
France's anti-terror prosecutor said on Friday it was investigating the decapitation of a man in a suburb of Paris.
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Link Related to Canada in some say China becomes an issue in B.C. election as anti-Beijing activists challenge candidates
5 Comment
The 'No BC for Xi' campaign lists candidates from all parties and labels them as to whether or not they are 'CCP leaning' or 'against CCP interference'
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Link Related to Canada in some say 'Our walls are built of booze!': N.Y. couple finds bootlegged whisky during home repairs
Strange | 340 hits
6 Comment
A couple from upstate New York found dozens of whisky bottles dating back to the 1920s hidden in their walls and floor boards, all but confirming their suspicions that the old home once belonged to a prohibition-era bootlegger.
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China's global fishing dominance, unmatched in size and reach
Misc World | 329 hits
With anywhere from 200,000 to 800,000 boats, some as far afield as Argentina, China is unmatched in the size and reach of its fishing armada. Fuelled primarily by government subsidies, its growth and activities have largely gone unchecked, in part because

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Canadian News


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