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Link Related to Canada in some say Multiple injuries reported after pedestrians struck by van in Toronto
Misc CDN | 24 hits
A number of injuries are being reported after pedestrians were struck by a white van in Toronto, police say.
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Woman guilty of 'racist' Snap Dogg rap lyric Instagram post
Chelsea Russell said she used the Snap Dogg lyric as a tribute to a boy who died in a crash.
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Link Related to Canada in some say Former Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown seeks $8M in defamation suit vs. CTV
Law & Order | 18 hits
Lawyers representing former Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown on Monday filed a statement of claim in Superior Court against CTV, which first reported accusations of sexual misconduct levied by two women against the MPP.
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Museum guide is using sell-out tours to label Lord Nelson a 'white supremacist'
Art historian Alice Procter, 23, who runs the tours, claims artefacts at institutions such as the British Museum and the Victoria Albert fell into British hands through ‘slavery’ and ‘looting’.
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Link Related to Canada in some say Canadian allegedly lynched in Peru 'gentle' seeker of 'deeper meaning,' friend says
Misc CDN | 25 hits
Family and friends of a Vancouver Island man believe that he was killed in Peru in an alleged lynching by people who thought he was involved in the shooting death of an 81-year-old traditional healer.

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Actor Verne Troyer from 'Austin Powers' films dead at 49
1 Comment
Actor Verne Troyer, best known as "Mini-Me" in the "Austin Powers" movie franchise has died at the age of 49.
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Link Related to Canada in some say 'The paws came up': Mounties thwart beaver's attempted B.C. home invasion
Law & Order | 78 hits
A bucktoothed beaver delivered quite the scare when it tried to gnaw its way into a home in Nanaimo, B.C.
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Link Related to Canada in some say 'Angel of Dieppe' nun Marie-Agnès Valois dies aged 103
History | 63 hits
1 Comment
Sister Marie-Agnès Valois stood between a Nazi officer brandishing a pistol and a Canadian soldier and told the German if he shot the young man the bullet 'would have to go through me'.
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Africa’s donkeys slaughtered for Chinese ‘miracle elixir’
Misc World | 84 hits
2 Comment
Every year, China slaughters millions of donkeys to make Ejiao, a traditional medicine hailed as a ‘miracle elixir’ which is used to trea...
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Link Related to Canada in some say Hubble's 28 years marked by shot of wild stellar nursery
Tech | 69 hits
NASA is marking the 28th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope’s launch with a peek into a wild stellar nursery. Scientists released the picture Thursday in advance of next week’s milestone.

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