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Link Related to Canada in some say Hootsuite pulls deal with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement after backlash
Business | 34 hits
Vancouver tech company Hootsuite says it will not proceed with a contract with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement after staff raised concerns.
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Link Related to Canada in some say Amazon unveils flying Ring security drone and Luna games service
Tech | 61 hits
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It is designed to activate only when residents are out, works indoors, and is limited to one floor of a building. The firm also unveiled an online games-streaming service and a voice-activated screen that swivels about. But one campaign group described
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Chen Qiushi: Chinese journalist missing since February 'under state supervision'
Misc World | 49 hits
A Chinese citizen journalist who disappeared in February after reporting on the outbreak of the coronavirus has been found, a friend has said.
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Link Related to Canada in some say Former Facebook manager: “We took a page from Big Tobacco’s playbook”
Tech | 35 hits
Speaking to Congress today, the former Facebook manager first tasked with making the company make money did not mince words about his role. He told lawmakers that the company "took a page from Big Tobacco's playbook, working to make our offering addictive
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Link Related to Canada in some say Why stock markets are up 44% amid the worst economic contraction in history
Economics | 37 hits
Millions of people have either lost their jobs or the hours they work. Heading into winter, COVID-19 cases are sharply rising and yet the stock market is posting some records. What gives?
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Link Related to Canada in some say Top-secret records show New Brunswick, Alberta companies received millions in suspicious transfers
Business | 42 hits
Top-secret records uncovered in a 16-month-long investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, BuzzFeed News and partners show two shadowy companies, one registered in New Brunswick and one in Alberta, received millions in sus
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Link Related to Canada in some say How right-wing extremists, libertarians and evangelicals built Quebec's movement against COVID-19 restrictions
Misc CDN | 37 hits
The anti-mask movement has drawn a wide range of figures into its orbit, including right-right extremists, evangelical pastors, libertarian radio hosts and conspiracy theorists.
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The US is using the Guardian to justify jailing Assange for life. Why is the paper so silent?
Misc World | 41 hits
Julian Assange is not on trial simply for his liberty and his life. He is fighting for the right of every journalist to do hard-hitting investigative journalism without fear of arrest and extradition to the United States. Assange faces 175 years in a US s

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Link Related to Canada in some say Anti-racism group angered by Premier Kenney’s response to Red Deer violence
Law & Order | 71 hits
A MacEwan University professor has questioned the Alberta government’s response to an anti-racism rally in Red Deer on Sunday that turned violent. Irfan Chaudhry, director of the Office of Human Rights, Diversity and Equity at the university, said it i

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