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Link Related to Canada in some say Internal Transport Canada study showed school buses 'failed' safety tests
Tech | 28 hits
A 2010 Transport Canada report that revealed that school buses “failed” safety tests and did not do enough to prevent “serious injuries” was kept hidden from the public,The Fifth Estate has learned.
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Link Related to Canada in some say Study finds no evidence of riskier sex after HPV vaccine introduced
Health | 26 hits
A study has found that after the HPV vaccine was introduced, girls ended up less likely to have intercourse before the age of 14.
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Link Related to Canada in some say Jihadi Jack wants to live in Canada. Here’s what officials are doing for ISIS fighters in Syria
Misc CDN | 32 hits
Canadian consular officials have been trying to find out where the Canadians are being detained in order to give them consular assistance.
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Boeing 737 flies into brick wall — and just keeps going
Misc World | 36 hits
The jet not only clobbered the top of a five-foot perimeter wall but also destroyed a small landing guide tower as it climbed out of Tiruchirappalli International Airport in Tamil Nadu

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Link Related to Canada in some say Kentucky governor accuses Canada of using tariffs as a 'money grab'
Uncle Sam | 85 hits
Kentucky’s Republican governor says Canada's retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods are financially driven.
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Link Related to Canada in some say Alleged vote buying in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby under investigation
Political | 91 hits
2 Comment
Authorities allege messages circulating WeChat appear to offer money in exchange for votes.
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Link Related to Canada in some say Trudeau says Quebec plan to make cannabis legal at 21 leaves opening for organized crime
Political | 68 hits
3 Comment
The prime minister says increasing the legal age for consuming cannabis, as the Quebec government plans to do, could undermine one of the federal law's key aims — eliminating the black market.
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Link Related to Canada in some say Police probing anti-abortion activist attack at Ryerson
Law & Order | 82 hits
Toronto Police is investigating an anti-abortion demonstration turned violent at Ryerson University earlier this month.Officers were called to Gould St. around 2:10 p.m. on Oct.
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BBC issues badges to staff who promote LGBT issues in a bid to tackle its 'heteronormative culture'
Lifestyle | 68 hits
The BBC is encouraging staff to become ‘straight allies’ of colleagues who are gay, lesbian or have other gender identities. The move is an attempt to tackle what it calls a ‘heteronormative culture’.

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