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Comment50 million Lotto Max Won in Western Canada Kinda always thought Ontario and Quebec had exclusive access to the winning numberswell the big won was won in Western CanadaWOOOT!

Time: 2009-11-7
Topic: Misc CDN
Hits: 99503
Poster: tritium

CommentCalgary Zoo says human error led to death of capybara Human error in operating a hydraulic door has been blamed for the death of a capybara at the Calgary Zoothe latest in a string of incidents at the facility over the past few years.

Time: 2009-12-11
Topic: Misc CDN
Hits: 93634
Poster: Hyack

CommentDebtor dads displayed on Alberta site The fathers featured on a recently redesigned Alberta Ministry of Justice Web site include janitorscooksdrywallers and carpenters hailing from all five corners of the jagged provincebut all 141 of them have one thing in commonthey have missed spou

Time: 2009-6-19
Topic: Law & Order
Hits: 86207
Poster: dino_bobba_renno

CommentImmigrants to get pensions after just 3 years?

Time: 2009-9-28
Topic: Political
Hits: 86010
Poster: ridenrain

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CommentImmigrants to get pensions after just 3 years?

Time: 2009-9-28
Topic: Political
Hits: 86010
Poster: ridenrain

CommentCanada wipes Haiti's $2.3 million debt off the books One of the world's poorest countries is getting a break on its debt payments. Canada has forgiven Haiti's $2.3-million debtIt's part of the federal government's plan to relieve impoverished and heavily indebted countries of their debts to Canada.

Time: 2009-7-2
Topic: Political
Hits: 85455
Poster: bootlegga

CommentMulroney only paid taxes on half the cash from Schreiber Brian Mulroney ended up paying income tax on only half the $225,000 he received from Karlheinz Schreiber as part of deal to promote a controversial armoured vehicle projecta public inquiry heard Tuesday

Time: 2009-5-19
Topic: Political
Hits: 85374
Poster: bootlegga

CommentFeds to pump $7 billion into infrastructure Transport Minister John Baird says the federal government will include $7 billion in infrastructure spending in Tuesday's budget.

Time: 2009-1-26
Topic: Political
Hits: 85292
Poster: bootlegga

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CommentCANADA COMES BACK TO BEAT USA IN SHOOTOUT With first place in Group A on the lineCanada defeated the United States 5-4 in a shootout to clinch a bye into the semifinals of the world junior hockey championship in Saskatoon.

Time: 2009-12-31
Topic: Sports
Hits: 82634
Poster: Hyack

CommentVimy Ridge anniversary marked

Time: 2009-4-9
Topic: History
Hits: 82709
Poster: Hyack

CommentActress Farrah Fawcett dies at 62 Time: 2009-6-25
Topic: Showbiz
Hits: 82678
Poster: Scape

CommentCheap Trick brings back the 8-track Unsurprisinglyfinding a manufacturer for an obsolete-format release of the Seventies superstarslatest wasn't easy

Time: 2009-7-4
Topic: Showbiz
Hits: 82738
Poster: Regina

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CommentA dozen protesters carry rifles to Obama speech PHOENIX (APAbout a dozen people carrying gunsincluding one with a military-style riflemilled among protesters outside the convention center where President Barack Obama was giving a speech Monday

Time: 2009-8-18
Topic: Uncle Sam
Hits: 83767
Poster: Hyack

CommentGM Turns Down Bail Out Loan Time: 2009-2-11
Topic: Business
Hits: 83315
Poster: stemmer

CommentFleeing car drags cyclist to his death A cyclist was killed last night after hanging onto a fleeing car following a collision on Bloor Stnear Bay St.

Time: 2009-9-1
Topic: Misc CDN
Hits: 82626
Poster: kitty

CommentB.C. MP calls for legalization of marijuana A Vancouver Island MP is calling for the decriminalization of marijuanasaying the war on drugs "has been a complete failure.''

Time: 2009-4-2
Topic: Political
Hits: 82902
Poster: Robair

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