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Arts & Media20102752
Canada's Largest Outdoor Spinning Class Canadian recordCanadian firstSports2012Marty Menard5794
First rotary snowplough world firstCanadian firstCanadian inventionTravel & Transport1869Dr. J.W. Elliott / Orange Jull2365
Heaviest Aircraft Pulled Guinness recordWeird & Strange2009Reverend Kevin Fast4703
Largest Coin Guinness recordPolitical & Social2007Royal Canadian Mint2791
Longest Street in the World world recordBuildings & Structures08448
Sudbury Basin - Largest meteor crater in Canada Natural World-18500000019440
Tallest Structure, CN Tower Canadian recordBuildings & Structures197521228
Thriller Chiller world recordGuinness recordWeird & Strange20072977
World's Largest Maple Leaf world recordGuinness recordNatural World2010Joseph Donato7098
World's Largest Milkshake at 1,000 Litres! Canadian recordGuinness recordWeird & Strange2010Dairy Farmers of Canada6813
World's Longest Freshwater Beach world recordCanadian recordNatural World06581


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