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Canadian Records

namecategoryyear person views
Canada's Largest Outdoor Spinning Class Canadian recordCanadian firstSports2012Marty Menard4932
Canada's Tallest Tree, The Carmanah Giant Canadian recordNatural World031167
Largest Island in Canada, Baffin Island Canadian recordNatural World04464
Largest National Park in Canada Canadian recordNatural World192210512
Longest Fixed-link Bridge in Canada Canadian recordBuildings & Structures199710711
longest range recorded for sniper kill Canadian recordMilitary2001Rob Furlong12208
Longest River, Mackenzie Canadian recordNatural World02298
Most combine harvesters working simultaneously on a single field world recordCanadian recordGuinness recordNatural World20105842
Most gold medals won at a single Winter Olympics world recordworld firstCanadian recordCanadian firstOlympic20102823
Mount Logan the tallest mountain in Canada Canadian recordNatural World030941
Tallest Structure, CN Tower Canadian recordBuildings & Structures197520263
Tallest Waterfall, Della Falls Canadian recordNatural World03403
World Record for Shortest Time Biking Across Canada world recordCanadian recordSports2009Cornel Dobrin9501
World's Largest Milkshake at 1,000 Litres! Canadian recordGuinness recordWeird & Strange2010Dairy Farmers of Canada6467
World's Longest Freshwater Beach world recordCanadian recordNatural World05943