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Behind The Veneer Of Politicians

Posted on Wednesday, October 18 at 02:26 by Subsandwich

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Suzanne Berton ©

¬†Youíd be surprised at what you envisioned, if you thought about what images our political leaders emit.¬† Many of us have decided, subconsciously or consciously, what types of personalities exist beneath the public veneer of each one.¬†

¬†Iíve determined our Prime Minister to be a tough as nails sort of chap with thick skin.¬† If you look at Mr. Harperís when heís not laughing youíll understand what I mean.¬† (When does he ever laugh?)¬† My mindís eye sees him as a Clint Eastwood type of the Spaghetti westerns.¬† You never know what rests behind our PMís tough exterior.¬† For all we know, he could be hiding out as Pewee Herman.

¬†Then thereís NDP Leader Jack Layton.¬† Months ago, we saw him playing guitar on TV; for me this image never faded, a party leader who wants to connect with people as an ordinary chap, a guitar playing hippy spreading love and peace.¬† Heís one with the people of Canada.

¬†Leader of the Bloc Gilles Duceppe presents himself at an off the charts angle, one, which stood out from the get go Ė an aristocrat in modern times Ė unreachable, at least to an ordinary person like me.

¬†As for the Liberal party, I see them as the ghosts of the past haunting the leaders of the present - Houdiniís - until they find a strong political leader whoíll leave a lasting impression on Canadians.¬† Until then, I see the Liberal party in the shadows of public perception.¬†

What do you see!


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