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Behind The Veneer Of Politicians

Posted on Wednesday, October 18 at 02:26 by Subsandwich

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Suzanne Berton ©

 You’d be surprised at what you envisioned, if you thought about what images our political leaders emit.  Many of us have decided, subconsciously or consciously, what types of personalities exist beneath the public veneer of each one. 

 I’ve determined our Prime Minister to be a tough as nails sort of chap with thick skin.  If you look at Mr. Harper’s when he’s not laughing you’ll understand what I mean.  (When does he ever laugh?)  My mind’s eye sees him as a Clint Eastwood type of the Spaghetti westerns.  You never know what rests behind our PM’s tough exterior.  For all we know, he could be hiding out as Pewee Herman.

 Then there’s NDP Leader Jack Layton.  Months ago, we saw him playing guitar on TV; for me this image never faded, a party leader who wants to connect with people as an ordinary chap, a guitar playing hippy spreading love and peace.  He’s one with the people of Canada.

 Leader of the Bloc Gilles Duceppe presents himself at an off the charts angle, one, which stood out from the get go – an aristocrat in modern times – unreachable, at least to an ordinary person like me.

 As for the Liberal party, I see them as the ghosts of the past haunting the leaders of the present - Houdini’s - until they find a strong political leader who’ll leave a lasting impression on Canadians.  Until then, I see the Liberal party in the shadows of public perception. 

What do you see!


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