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Canadian Forces College Graduate Ceremony Truly Global

Posted on Wednesday, July 07 at 00:44 by sehgalviveka

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Canadian Forces college graduate ceremony truly global

"We prepare senior military and civilian leaders to meet the complex security challenges of the future."isthe mission statement ofCanadian Forces Collegeand that exactly is what June 26th 2010 saw materialize in the presence of Minister of the crown, an ex-Minister and dignitaries beyond party lines, occupations and belief systems.

Over 200 graduates of senior military ranks from around the world (Poland, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, France, US, UK etc. to name a few countries) receivedtheir degrees and diplomas from the Canadian Minister of National defence Peter Mckay, GeneralCraigHilton,Major-General Fraserand several high ranking Military officials.Major Ted Opitz (the Senior advisor to the Minister of immigration Jason Kenney) also was inattendance alongwith his wife Cynthia.

The presence of Bollywood and Hollywood film makerRoger Nairmust also be noted;who called Canada's contribution to the world, in sharing her knowledge in Military tactics and operations,remarkable.Also present at the occasion was Nepal's Ex Chief of Army staff Rukmangat Katwal

What really was veryinterestingto see had to be Mr. Bill Graham ( remember the liberal Foreign minister from the second Liberal regime of 2005-08 )gettinghonored by Peter Mckay.Bill Graham also served as a defence minister in 2005
Good jobCFC!!

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