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The War of 1812
Date: Saturday, October 05 2002
Topic: International News

The War of 1812 brought some lasting benefits to British North America; there was a new sense of pride among the people,
a pride in having defended their lands with courage and skill.
There was, too a better understanding between French speaking and English speaking Canadians,
for each race had fought a common foe. If any one could claim victory it was Canada.
The United States declared war on Great Britain and set out to make Canada states in the union.
Ten American armies crossed into Canada and all were driven out. The War of 1812 was of enormous significance to Canada.
Had the United States been successful in their endeavour it is likely that Canada would not have evolved as a separate country.

Burning of the White Hose

A great Canadian band has written and sung up something to help everyone remember the War of 1812,
when the Americans invades British Canada. Guess who got kicked out of the great white north?

To Listen to the song download it here, or view the lyrics by clicking "read more".

For more information about the War of 1812 click here.

The War of 1812

Come back oh proud Canadians

To before they had TV

No Hockey Night in Canada

There was no CBC

(oh my god!)

In 1812 Madison was mad

He was the President, you know

He thought he'd tell the British

Where they ought to go

He thought he'd invade Canada

He thought that he was tough

Instead we went to Washington...

And burned down all his stuff


And the White House burned, burned, burned

And we're the ones that did it!

It burned burned burned

While the President ran and cried

It burned burned burned

Things were very historical

and the Americans ran and cried like a bunch of little babies, wah wah wah

in the war of 1812!

Now some hillbillies from Kentucky

dressed in green and red

left home to fight in Canada

but they returned home dead

It's the only war the Yankees lost

Except for Vietnam

And also the alamo

right, and the Bay of Ham!

The loser was America

The winner was ourselves

So join right in and gloat about

The War of 1812


In 1812, we were just sitting around,

minding our own business putting crops into the ground

We heard the soldiers coming

and we didnt like that sound

So we took a boat to Washington

And burned it to the ground.

Oh, we fired our guns

But the Yankess kept a comin,

The wasnt quite as many as there was a while ago

We fired once more

And the Yankees went a runnin

Down the Mississippi

to the Gulf of Mexico

They ran through the snow,

They ran through the forest,

They ran through the bushes,

where the beavers wouldnt go.

They ran so fast,

They forgot to take their culture,

back the America, and Gulf, and Texico

So, If you go to Washington,

its buildings clean and nice,

Bring a pack of matches,

and We'll burn the White House twice!

When the White House burned burned burned

But the Americans won't admit it

It burned burned burned

It burned and burned and burned

It burned burned burned

I bet that made them mad

And the Americans ran and cried like a bunch of little babies wah wah wah!

In the war of 1812!

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