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Gun matches those used in killings
Date: Thursday, October 24 2002
Topic: International News

ROCKVILLE, Maryland -- Authorities investigating the Washington-area sniper attacks is refusing to confirm that a weapon seized this morning matches the sniper weapon. will further update this story.

But the Associated Press is quoting a law enforcement source who says a gun found in the car of the two suspects is a ballistic match to the 223-calibre rifle used in the attacks.

A source says the weapon found in the Chevrolet Caprice was a Bushmaster.

An executive with Bushmaster says the company got an inquiry from the ATF today about a specific AR-15 sold to a distributor in Washington state in June.

The AR-15 is the civilian form of the M-16 military assault rifle -- it's a semiautomatic rifle that costs about $900 US.

They're sold through distributors only, not direct to consumers.

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