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So Americans listen up... :wink:

Actually, my post here entails assholish Americans. You see, I am sick and tired of you assholes trashing Canada and thinking you are superior. We are rather important to you, whether you want to admit it or not. And if you are so great, please asnwer me this.....

Does anyone else in the world celebrate your nation's Birthday? Well guess what, there is a country other than Canada that celebrates Canada Day, which is our birthday. The Netherlands celebrate Canada Day. Find a nation that celebrates the Fourth of July(other than America of course) and then we'll have a talk...

Oh, and another thing...

Is one of your own countrymen a national hero in another country? Canadian Norman Bathoun is one of the 4 Great Heroes of China. Like I said, if you can find me an American Hero who is a national hero somewhere else in the world, then we'll talk about who is better.

Thank you and goodnight.


Never ever question Canadian Coolness!!!!!
America is North America's basement. Its where you put all the crap and forget ab




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