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Permanent LinkPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2006 12:21 pm 
I declare it open season on the Afghan mission. I urge you all to comment in an appropriate fashion(if possible) and debate the subject of Afghanistan. From Mission statements, to whether we should leave or not, what we should be doing, what others should be doing, etc. Now talk...

BTW, I am for the Afghan war. Feel free to ask me why below in the comment box...

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Permanent LinkPosted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 2:22 pm 

I'm with you buddy. The war in Afghanistan is a righteous war. Yes, men have died but that is what happens in war and the number of dead suffered by countries other than America is quite low comparetively. We cannot use their deaths as an excuse to leave altogether. We would be condemning the people of Afghanistan to suffer more than ever before.



Permanent LinkPosted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 6:52 pm 

agreed, aswell, the live lost would be in vain if we were to pull out now. I'd rather lose 400-4000 and win the fight rather than have 40 die for a lost cause.

I am for the war because we were fighting to remove an enemy who supported ruthless murders. we were succesful, and now the objective is to keep them from coming back. we will only accomplish that by eradicating them. It could take 5 or 500 years, but we shouldn't quit until it is done.

I also believe that this should be a war without borders. Part of or problem now is that pakistan and Iran are letting extreamist militants aswell as supplies to get shipped across their borders to fight us. The only way we can win is to nuetralise these threats, whether it be diplomacy, closing the border with military force, or, as an absolute last resort, direct invasion of the assisting nation. We cannot win with rockets, guns, and ammunition being allowed across the border by pakistan, and directly supplied by the Iranian government.

For those of you who are thinking I'm one of those itching for conflict Akin to Bush, I ain't. I only support combat where it is neccisary to win the primary objective. Iraq had nothing to do with afghanistan, which is why I haven't supported gulf war number 2.

However, I am of the thought that if the west is to win in the middle east, the conflict must grow. Iran and pakistan need to be neutralised for us to win in afghanistan, and Syria aswell as Iran(again) need to be neutralised inorder to safeguard isreal.

With regards to pakistan I'm sure india would be more than willing to help out, and with syria and Iran Isreal is more than likely willing to help.

BTW - Could somebody PM one of the mods or the admins for me. I've lost my password and I don't remember having to submit a code before in order to get it back.


Permanent LinkPosted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 7:29 pm 

I am with all of you one this. Stay in Afghan.

I don't see why people are using the deaths as an example of why we should leave when that is a factor in going into war. Death happens. You can't just go in and not expect fierece retaliation.

I think we should continue and stay and their and keep with what we have been doing.

No f√ľking cut and running when we are kicking ass. Let's make Afghanistan Canadian Territory.

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While some people say that it is futile, and it does seem to be that way, I ask them to look at past Canadian accomplishments that were seen at the time as "futile". Also, if you take a look at Taliban controlled areas compared to NATO controlled areas, it's a whole other world. The people are happier, friendlier, and safer, and far more free than ever before.

Unfortunately, bad things happen in war. It is never pretty, and never will be. It is one of the horros that we must face...

Never ever question Canadian Coolness!!!!!
America is North America's basement. Its where you put all the crap and forget ab

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