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CBC is pulling the plug on Mr. Dressup!!!! That shit is awesome!!! How can you remove a Canadian icon like that?!?! Fuck you CBC!!!!! :x

I strongly urge you all to protest this and do anything you can to keep Mr. Dressup on the air!!!!

By the way, sorry for not posting last night, karate really tired me out. It was alot of fun however, and I wish to continue and then move onto weapons. Just the basics right now, and I'll be going again tomorrow night. The Black belts who instructed me were pretty amazed at how quickly I absorbed everything and learned so quickly. Sensei Mike even said that possibly by the end of the summer, I could surprise myself by how far I go......

Kampai!!!(Cheers in Japanese. :wink: )

Later, gonna go watch Air Farce and then some Class of the Titans....Mmm, Greek Mythology....It's like crack for me........Watch it!!!! 7:30 EST, 8:00 Nfld on teletoon....Watch, or else Zeus is gonna kick your ass!!!

Never ever question Canadian Coolness!!!!!
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