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It has been brought to my attention that people know next to nothing about Latin America, much less it's inhabitants. Now I am a Latino. I say this, because I have to indentify my brown-self in some category, since I am neither white or black, I am a Latino(but really a mulatto). My dad himself is mixed. He has Spanish, Ecuadorian Indigenous and Black blood in him. However, he is dark enough to be considered black.

Anyway, people seem to think that Latin American countries all have the same skintone throughout, and we're all Spanish descendants.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

You see, the Spanish didn't kill off everyone. A lot of Incan and Mayan people survive to this very day. Then along come the Spanish to rule them. But these freshly conquered peoples aren't so willing, so the Spaniards bring Black slaves from Africa.

People don't realize it, but Latin Americans are probably one of the most if not the most diverse group on the planet. This will become evident to you if you ever visit anywhere in the Caribbean or South America or anywhere south of Mexico. Mexico is a little more monotone than her sister countries.

Now on top of all this, Japanese and Chinese merchants sailed to countries that bordered the Pacific. Needless to say, they interbred. This explains why I have cousins who my exact skintone, or white, or black, or even half-japanese. And yet we are all latinos.

Another thing that people don't realise, is that the Spanish language is not uniforn in Latin America. Hell, Spain itself has around 4 official languages, all of which are very distinct languages, but are somewhat similar to Spanish.

This is why Mexicans, Cubans, Spaniards, Ecuadorians, Peruvians, Chileans, etc. have difficulty communicating with eachother.

And now for Spain herself. The Official language is Castillian, which is the basic form of Spanish that most people know and study. The other co-official languages are listed below. It is interesting to note that these languages are not Spanish, but are descended from Latin.


Basque (Basque is not known to be related to any other language)



And the lesser known:




The points I have presented provide some insight as to why we hate it very much when you try to paint us all with the same brush; it is because we are so different, and many of us hate our neighbouring countries(ex: Peru and Ecuador). However, so as to keep things simple, we generically identify ourselves as Latinos and Latinas. This is for two reasons: We're lazy, and we don't want to confuse you. And yes, I realise that it is rather hypocritical of us; now shut up before I stab you and steal your American dollars, mang. :wink:


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I agree with you that more education is necessary regarding the history of Latin American countries.

In regards to the Natives surviving to mixe with the Spanish, it's quite evident that this happened in Mexico. My dad, who has not a hint of Spanish in him but is Metis, was taken for a Mexican when my parents were in California and almost got sent "back" to Mexico. The stupid border service thought his Canadian passport was fake lol.

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