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Well, last night I had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner at Carole's house. Everything was tasty, and the wine was very nice. Then, this morning, we had a Thanksgiving brunch here at my place.

I'm gonna be soooo fat at the end of the long weekend.

Since some family members aren't around for my birthday, we merged it with brunch today. I got a lovely calligraphy set from my cousin Izzy with which I can practice my Japanese calligraphy with. I also got some new and state-of-the-art drumsticks and brushsticks from my Uncle Miche, who is a professional drummer. He plays with Natalie McMaster. My folks are giving me my presents on my actual B-day, which is on the 25th! I can't wait to vote. I get to vote in the Municipal Elections!!!

Anyway, I was thinking...Y'all wanna see my Cuba pictures from last year? Some are good, and I wanna see if the pics will properly upload.

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