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Canada is a truly great country. Now while I may not be as voval in my patriotism as Mr_Canada, I am still damn proud of this country, and would gladly die for it. But what pisses me off, are those who say we have no culture, and that we are the same as the States.

Here in Ottawa, I usually help tourists around, since I want to hold up the international identity of Canadians being polite and helpful. And I have had many tourists experience culture shock here in Canada. Just a few examples, provided by me and my friend Kaito.

I'll never forget the look on the face of some Japanese tourists when I showed them poutine. This traditional Canadian confection is also very popular among fresh foreign-exchange students at my school, Glebe. They were also rather shocked that I knew some of their customs and language.

Then there was not too long ago(a few days) where Kaito and I were downtown when we met some more Japanese tourists who were carrying Canadian flags. They were amazed that Kaito and a kokujin like myself could be good friends.

Last year, me and some friends got tickets and a really cheap price, and decided to take some exchange students with us who had never seen hockey. A Chinese, Saudi Arabian, Korean, Japanese and Australian joined us at a Sens game. They were really shocked by the sheer energy of the crowd and the stuff that went on. They were also intrigued by the speed, grace and power of the glorious game that is Hockey.

And there have been countless exchange-students who are weirde out by our language, and can't believe it when we tell that out East, it's far weirder.

They like our food and art. Many of them have never seen Native American art or Inuit art. And since we were in Ottawa, they saw how English and French are spoken in this city and both languages are on the signs. Oh, and going back to food, they all seemed to love poutine, maple syrup, smoked salmon, Cheese from Quebec, Alberta beef, etc.

In short, we DO have culture, we ARE polite, and we ARE different from the States.

Thank you, and goodnight...

Never ever question Canadian Coolness!!!!!
America is North America's basement. Its where you put all the crap and forget ab


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Permanent LinkPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2006 11:06 pm 

It only appears to be the American Tourists that dislike Canadian Food?

I have a few yanks in my school that never stop bitching about "how bad poutine is".

I could live off the stuff. My school makes kickass pountine, :P

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You haven't lived and had poutine until you've had Quebec poutine... :wink:

Never ever question Canadian Coolness!!!!!
America is North America's basement. Its where you put all the crap and forget ab

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