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Seriously....Although this was thought of while stoned, it can still make alot a sense, so don't discount it.....I'm looking at you Conservatives..... :evil:

the Antichrist, Anti-christ (literally: anti, opposite; christ, Jesus) has come to mean a person, image of a person, or other entity that is the embodiment of evil and utterly opposed to truth, according to Christianity, while convincingly disguised as wholly good and a bringer of truth.

Source: Wikipedia

"Iraq has weapons of mass destruction"......Need I say more?

Yes, I do. :wink: Iraq is doing fine.

"Brownie, you're doing a helluva job" Bush to Brown, after Katrina hit.

And let's not forget how many times the Bush Admin has told us all to not trust the media. Because they lie. :roll:

The Bush administration refueses to accept that global warming exists, which is denial of the truth, but they think they are spreading the truth. This is what the Book says about the AntiChrist.

"From the eternal sea he rises,
Creating armies on either shore.
Turning man against his brother,
'Til man exists no more."

The eternal sea is meant to be hell, but it can also be interpreted as either the womb, or the Souther United States. :wink: Sorry friends, I just had to say that...But really, it is frickin' hot down there! Which reminds me, thanks to Ms. Parker for slaking our thirst with her fabulous homemade lemonade. :wink:

Now where was I? Oh, right!

Creating armies on either shore.

Let's consider what the Bush Administration has wrought.....

#1. Increased global tension resulting in the creation of powerful armies, no matter where you look.

#2. Everyone now hates the U.S. Which is sad really, as it's quite a nice place to visit and many of its people are lovely.

Around the world there are Nuclear powers, that can attack nearly anyone and certainly their enemies.

Let's look at the list, shall we?









North Korea


Plus, relations aren't exactly warm between all of these nations.

Turning man against his brother,

See above. It answers the same question.

'Til man exists no more.

Self-Explanatory. Death by Nuclear destruction.

I know that I am gonna get blasted for this, and that people will be in denial. But one must realise that this is tinged with humour, but also has a serious note.

Never ever question Canadian Coolness!!!!!
America is North America's basement. Its where you put all the crap and forget ab




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