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Movie News -- The A-Team

Permanent Link by bootlegga on Thu Sep 07, 2006 8:41 pm

For fans of the 80s show...

"The A-Team" co-creator Stephen J. Cannell gave an update on the status of the big screen adaptation, which Bruce Feirstein (GoldenEye) was penning but will be getting a new writer and script:

Speaking exclusively to Empire, he said the new script will replace the half-dozen or so which have been written to date. "We were working on a script for a few years but I didn't like it so it's been thrown out," he said. "We've gone through a lot of scripts that we haven't been happy with for one reason or another. We had one script writer who had never even watched the show! The studio was adament about employing him but he just took the title and began to write anything he wanted, completely departing from the original show. The studio didn't like it and neither did I."

Cannell doesn't reveal who the new writer is, but he does talk more about updating the show and mentions Bruce Willis as a possibility for Hannibal.

Exciting new movie trailers

I've done some digging and found some tentative dates for when you can expect new trailers for Spider-Man 3, Ghost Rider and Casino Royale.

Sony Pictures, which will release all three of the films, is currently aiming at launching the new trailer for Casino Royale (the 21st James Bond installment) with The Rock's "Gridiron Gang" on September 15. Casino Royale is scheduled for a November 17 release.

Meanwhile, the studio will also likely have a new trailer for Ghost Rider for when "The Grudge 2" hits theaters on October 13. Ghost Rider is coming on Fe
bruary 16.

It's widely suspected throughout the industry that Sony will debut the new trailer for Spider-Man 3 in theaters with Casino Royale.
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