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Movie Review - Definitely Maybe

Permanent Link by bootlegga on Mon Feb 11, 2008 10:01 pm

Ryan Reynolds stars as Will Hayes, a New York father in the midst of a divorce, when his daughter, Maya, fresh off a sex education class, starts asking questions about his life before he was married and wants to know how he met her mother.

The story slips back to the Bill Clinton campaign in 1992, where Will, an aspiring political advisor is asked to leave Wisconsin for the Big Apple. Will tells his daughter the story but tries to be frank and honest about past relationships, all the while trying to keep it ‘PG’. During the course of the story, Maya learns about Will’s three long and complicated relationships with three very different women. Because Will has changed the women’s names, Maya is kept guessing as to who to which of the three is her mother. Through it all, both Will and Maya learn things about love and life.

Reynolds is in his element with this movie and does a good job of a father trying to explain drunkenness, promiscuity and other sins to a young daughter. The supporting cast of is very good, including Kevin Kline as a drunken author who thinks his ideas are far more important than they really are. Reynold’s love interests (Elizabeth Banks, Rachel Weisz, and Isla Fisher) perform ably and each one has their moment.
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