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New Harry Potter 5 photos!

Permanent Link by bootlegga on Mon Oct 23, 2006 1:00 pm

There are some new set pictures from Harry Photo and the Order of the Phoenix movie now shooting in London. None of them are spectaular, but for die-hard fans, they could be interesting... ... ations.htm

This website has some more, but they're aren't as good IMO, although the website also has a synopsis of the movie, cast list, release dates, etc.

This past weekend's box office was interesting, with Martin Scorsese's "Departed" almost taking 1st place again. It was narrowly edged out by the Hugh Jackman/Christian Bale flick, "The Prestige", which made $14.8 million to "Departed"'s $13.4 million. Clint Eastwood's "Flags of our Fathers" opened in 3rd place with $10.2 million, while "Open Season" held off another fmaily movie, "Flicka" for fourth place, with a decent $8.1 million.
Just another happy Canuckistanian living under the so-called US security umbrella...yes, I'm a sarcastic bastard.

Arnold Schwarznegger on Climate Change - If 98 doctors tell me my son is ill and needs medication and 2 do not, I listen to the 98. The same can be said about climate change.

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