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Rain, rain go away and come back another day!

Permanent Link by bootlegga on Wed Aug 30, 2006 1:01 pm

Seriously though, I don't mind the rain. Everyone at my office is bitching about the 'miserable' weather, but I'm more pragmatic. I'd rather it rain while I'm working than on the long weekend, which is forecast to be quite warm.

I'm of the opinion it can rain all it wants from Monday to Friday (say about 3pm) so long as the weekend is sunny and warm. Like it or not, we need the rain to make the grass look green and for crops to grow, etc.

Last night we had a dozy of a thunderstorm here in Edmonton at about 11:15pm. It reminded me of the typhoons I had to deal with in Japan. Heavy sheeting rain, the entire sky lighting up with lightning, strong winds, etc. Still, it was over and done with in less than 15 minutes, from the first few drops (literally seconds after I walked in the door) to the cloudburst to it tapering off to a fine drizzle.

I'll say this, if I had to choose between this weather and the heat wave we had in June/July, I'd choose this in a much easier to sleep at night.
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Re: Rain, rain go away and come back another day!

Permanent Link by Mr_Canada old on Wed Aug 30, 2006 5:35 pm


I hate rain, ;) I agree with your co-workers.....

There was a large Fire in town and the smoke covered the sky for about 2 days now. Haven't seen the sun since. And the wind is disgusting. :lol: