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Review of Role Models

Permanent Link by bootlegga on Mon Nov 10, 2008 10:07 pm

Danny (Paul Rudd) and Wheeler (Seann William Scott) are a couple of salesmen for an energy drink company, Minotaur. They drive around in a huge truck and market it to kids in schools. After an accident fueled by too much Minotaur, the judge gives them a choice, 150 hours of community service or 30 days in jail. They reluctantly choose the community service, and are sent to ‘Sturdy Wings’, a Big Brothers-like organization, where they are to spend time and mentor young boys. Danny gets Augie, a D&D loving nerd, while Wheeler gets Ronnie, a foul mouthed fifth grader. Suddenly jail doesn’t seem so bad.

All in all, the movie falls into the same genre as Superbad and the many other Judd apatow films of recent (this one has nothing to do with him). There is plenty of cursing, bountiful drinking, gratuitous nudity, and even a little recreational drug use tossed in for good measure. KISS fans will especially enjoy Wheeler’s love of them, from his KISS pinball machine, to his description of them as pussy magnets, to the climax of the film. Plenty of one liners and nasty gags are spread liberally throughout the film. My favourite was in the beginning when Danny arrives to pick up Wheeler, who says “guess what I did last night” and shoves his finger under Danny’s nose.

Jane Lynch (40 Year Old Virgin) makes an appearance as a reformed drug addict/alcoholic who now runs Sturdy Wings and is pretty over the top. Unfortunately, some of her scenes work and some don’t, making for some awkward watching. Despite this, it’s still a pretty solid movie.

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