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The long weekend starts early

Permanent Link by bootlegga on Thu Jun 29, 2006 3:19 am

Well, a power failure at work meant my weekend started early today. I've been really busy, so I took a vacation day on Friday and get Monday for the stat, so I've got four days off. I'm not planning on going anywhere, but just sitting back and doing nothing much all weekend long. I figure a few beers, a BBQ and such will make for a nice, relaxing weekend.

Happy Canada Day!

Just another happy Canuckistanian living under the so-called US security umbrella...yes, I'm a sarcastic bastard.

Arnold Schwarznegger on Climate Change - If 98 doctors tell me my son is ill and needs medication and 2 do not, I listen to the 98. The same can be said about climate change.

"The Crystal Wind is the storm, and the storm is data, and the data is life." Trent the Uncatchable