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Three Stooges to the big screen?

Permanent Link by bootlegga on Thu Oct 12, 2006 4:03 pm

Variety has reported yet another studio is looking at developing the Three Stooges as a feature film.

In development for years, the project was most recently set up at Warner Bros. Pictures, with the Farrelly brothers writing the script and attached to direct. The studio, however, let the option lapse. First Look struck the deal with rights holder C3 Entertainment, founded in 1959 by Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Jerome "Curly" Howard, creators of the Stooge characters.

First Look, working with C3 Entertainment, said it intends to stay true to the flavor of the original Stooges, who created their own brand of slapstick. C3 Entertainment president-CEO Earl Benjamin said he loves the contemporized screenplay the Farrelly brothers penned with Mike Ceronne for Warners featuring the Moe, Larry and Curly characters.

"Various people have had various ideas, but we want to keep the traditional wild-and-crazy aspect," Benjamin said.

It seems like you either love of hate the Three Stooges. I'd love to see an updated version myself.
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