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A long time ago someone on one of my forums tried to point out that there might be a connection between Gang Stalking and Alien Abductions. Now I was fairly new to the Gang Stalking thing, I had just discovered that there were people online that were disinfo agents and that were trying to lead targets in the wrong direction, eg. Trying to persuade them that vigilante groups were doing this and all other sorts of things, to keep targets in the dark about what was really going on.

At some point one guy on my forum tried to point out that there might be a connection between members of the alien abduction community and members of the Gang Stalking community, in similarities of experiences. I was pretty short with the person at the time and pretty much dismissed the idea, because at that stage I was still hoping that there was a simple explanation for the Gang Stalking stuff. I now see that this person might simply have been trying to make a valid point, and for my short sightedness I am sorry.

Later again while on the brain manipulation forums someone pointed out that there might be a corrolation, though I took it more into consideration, I still didn't research this aspect of it, because the idea was coming from the brain manipulation forums and I really didn't know if the source could be trusted. Well recently someone left a message on one of my blogs again about being an abductee and that there were some similarities. I think it might be worth looking into this a bit more based on what I now know about Governments, the experiments they have done past, and present. The ability for Governments to implant memories, to put people to sleep at will, artificial telepathic communications, and the ability for them to control electronic devices.

Eg. As a Targeted Individual you get to have the fun of seeing the snitches play nic nac with your electronic devices. Eg. Fridges, DVD players, computers, radios, tape players, I have heard of other examples, but it's not too hard to believe or understand that these people could have other objects that could stop car batteries and do a lot of the stuff abductees talk about. I am not dismissing the idea of aliens and other entities, but I do think there could be a large Government presence behind the abductee phenomenon.

I also fully believe that much like the stealth bombers that had been available for years before the gulf war, but kept secret, that much of the UFO's phenomenon can be traced to secret technology that the government has had available for years. When doing research into Gang Stalking two accounts really stuck into memory. One was John Lennon saying that he had seen a UFO, pretty descriptive account. The other was a report from a peace rally of some sort, who reported these UFO's during the rally hovering overhead. I personally think because John Lennon was under surveillance this sort of technology as far back as then if it was available might have been used for surveillance, and again at this peace really where the account came from.

If this is true and this technology does exist, then someday we might even get a fake alien invasion as others have suggested, orchestrated by our governments to help bring about this one world government. At this moment it's all speculation however. Not that the technology exists, but what it will be eventually used for. The ATS forum is a good place to check out these types of discussions. or also SOTT

Back to the abductee community. I remember watching a movie several years back, this psychiatrist was doing regression with patients, and many of them remembered being abducted. I think at first he thought that they were having other memories, but as the movie progressed and as he worked with them he got tangled into this web, and by the end of the movie he's asked by the government to join them in this secret conspiracy of contact that's been made. Can't remember the name of the movie.

In the movie you had abductees who remembered being kidnapped from their homes, experimented on, some were being impregnated, or having seminal samples taken. If I remember correctly, one woman was having issues because her babies had been taken from her womb, she had something like 5 miscarriages and in regression, came to realise that it was not miscarriages but abductions or something like that.

I mean that would be a pretty messed up mind job, getting impregnated by some unseen alien source, then having your unborn taken, never knowing how many times this had happened, the genders of the children that were taken, or ages. That has to be right up there with none consentual rape or necrophilia, just a thought. Anyways in the movie she is one of the main stories that was focused on, but I think the movie was suppose to be based on true accounts.

If this is the case, with what we know about implanted and false memories it's not that big a stretch to believe that the government could have a hand in this stuff. If they are doing this, what are they using these unborn fetuses for? Do they have humans being grown? Who knows.

This brings me back to some of the watching and monitoring that abductees talk about. Now I use to know a lot more about the alien phenomenon. I was pretty well read and well versed several years ago, but between the workplace mobbing, trying to stay alive, I admit that I have not had a change to keep up on this stuff.

I do think it would be worthwhile to look into some of the experiences that the abductee community are having and then see if there are any similarities with some of the Gang Stalking stuff. One of the reasons many in the Gang Stalking community really wanted to stay away from this was to keep the 2 worlds separate. I mean if people start linking the two together it might take away from some of the work that has been done to legitimise one or the other. However I do think now if there are large correlations, then they should be examined and cross referenced.

If anyone can shed some light on the similarities, or possible similarities this would be great, or if someone has already done some research into this then please post a link, if not this might be one channel to research.

Actually I think Carissa Conti from has an ebook download that might cross reference some of this stuff so that is one place to start. She is a member of the abductee community, but also sights Gang Stalking.

I think the same way people cross referenced the Near Death Experience (NDE), and alien abductions, it might be worth cross referencing Gang Stalking and Alien Abductions just to see if there are any similarities of experience. Specifically I would be looking for the stalking, monitoring, aspects if there are any.

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OMG it's actually getting worse! Aliens?!? And they wanted John Lennon?!?!? Are you friggen' insane? It's really time to move on, no one takes you seriously and now you've gone beyond La-La.

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No it's just starting to unravel. I was just pointing out that John Lennon gave an account of seeing a UFO. All I said was since he was under survellience maybe it was more government related than aliens. No not friggen insane, just examining other angles. Thanks for asking however.

I have not gone beyond La-La, don't even know where that would be, but clearly you do.

The posting was in response to a comment on one of my other blogs, clearly not this one.

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You're hoping for one of those alien anal probes aren't you?

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ShepherdsDog wrote:
You're hoping for one of those alien anal probes aren't you?

OH no, but apparently you might be. Have fun. :P

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