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Ok looking forward to this Saturday. Finally there are enough targets worldwide of gang stalking that this Saturday is going to be the very first World Day to end the silent holocaust.

Just like other things in the past civil rights, women's lib, and other targets of harassment, it's taken years for this group to get to this stage, but with new technologies that were not available just 15-20 years ago that's changing.

There are now some cases making there way through the courts, enough news paper articles so that people can finally understand that this is happening in a wide range of places, a few books on the topic, and a few notable persons at the forefront of this fight.

I am pretty happy about this, because it's taken awhile to get here, most times when targets publically go to talk about this, they will be ridiculed, harassed, or just some insipid person will try to get them into an argument to try to discredit them as a person, or to try to make them look delusional I think is the latest.

Despite all this, we are making such good progress. Targets continue to come together, they continue to find ways to get this exposed to the rest of the world, and despite the constant assaults on our characters and persons, we still continue to grow and move forward.

I think that's progress and I continue to be very hopeful with this in mind, when I look back a few months, to when I look forward to a few days from now.

I think when you know you are working towards a legitimate cause, you are willing to put up with inevitable slings and arrows that you will inevitable encounter along the way.

I feel really sorry for the people out there in the world, who still with all the information on topics like gang stalking who still question the validity of this topic, or worst try to make the targets of this feel deficient or somehow disbelieved. Victims of rape when through similar things and now, very few people would ever question victims of this sort of assault.

In a few years with enough information it can only be hoped that negative voices like that, that keep whistling in the wind, will just like the wind fade out far enough to become nothing. Not even a whisper.

So with that in mind I am celebrating the accomplishments today, not the set backs that this movement has faced. This year has been very good for targets as far as getting more exposure, and next year it can only be hoped that it will be even better.




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