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Open Secret. That's what Gang Stalking is. Many know about what is going on, and many are simply willing to keep the secret. Don't get me wrong there are people in society who have no idea that the society is like this, but for others it's a big open secret.

I learnt a lot about open secrets. Sometimes you keep them to protect yourself, mostly you might keep it to protect others, or in some cases to protect an organization or even a society. Other times the secret might be kept because the society, or organization is in denial.

It made me think about why people keep secrets, sometimes it's to protect another, they worry about the consequences should the secret come out. Others because it might affect the system that supports them. Sometimes it's to protect themselves, because they kept the secret too long, or they fear the consequences.

I thought about the priest that were doing these deeds to children. Many of these men were prominent, people trusted them, they liked them, looked to them for moral guidance, for a sense of community, for a sense of what made them who they are. To find out what you believed to be true as really false has to be a shock. Denial is a stage that people also go through, to deal with the shock but then also to protect themselves from the truth. They often might not want to hurt the perpetrator, they realise that exposing the perpetrator might bring down their cause, society etc. Like those preachers who had affairs on their wives, when you get caught doing the opposite of what you preach it can be a hard thing.

The actions of others have the capacity to shake foundations, and I think that is in part what is at the heart of the reason many keep quite about things like this in society. They don't want to rock the boat. They don't know who to turn to, or who to trust.

So the secret remains, in the open where you can see it, but silence where it's not openly discussed, maybe whispered about, hinted at, but never fully brought to light. The secret infects the society and each finds different ways to deal with what is, or what has happened.

Some go crazy from the secrets they keep, some get into drugs and alcohol, some find other ways to self medicate, others end up with a case of total denial and thus memory block. Others do what they can to bring the secrets to light in the open where they belong, so that others can have a look and so that the community can start to heal.

Secrets are not an easy thing for a society to have to keep and deal with. Long term (dirty) secrets, or even just regular secrets can be very bad for a societies morals, such as some to the events of Vietnam, like the Mai Li Massacare that were initially hushed up, and coverd for many years.

Since doing research into this, I have a better idea of why people keep secrets, what they stand to loose by exposing the secret, and the moral and social consequences, that secrets can have, and how they can affect a society. I like delving into worlds of knowledge, but sometimes what you find, you can't, won't, shouldn't, or don't feel like shareing, much like secrets. So they remain open like a sore, visible for most to see if they know what they are looking for, yet everyone dances around the issue instead of facing it head on.

Gang Stalking, just one more big open secret to add to everyone else's. Only time will tell the true impact such a secret will have on the psyche of his society.




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