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Captain Canuck!

Captain Canuck is a modern comic-book super hero who was purely Canadian. His colors are the red and white of the Canadian flag and his adventures take place in Canadian cities and provinces. As a hero he works as a super agent for the Canadian International Security Organization (CISO), and with his sidekicks Redcoat and Kebec he can be found battling enemies of both Canada and the world. His modest super powers were created when aliens infused Captain Canuck's body with rays that made him "twice as strong and twice as fast as others." But, this is not what makes him a hero to many Canadians. His best power is that he is the Canadian version of Superman, Batman and Spiderman. And he is purely Canadian. First drawn in the 1970's by comic creator and artist Richard Comely, Captain Canuck was the original idea of Ron Leishman, a Calgary-based teacher and cartoonist. The original series was three comics issued in 1975. You will find those three issues on this page.

Published on: 2004-08-05 (15085 reads)

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