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Things that make Canada Great

Here are some things which make Canada such a great country:

  • Great variety in seasons
  • Great world-wide reputation with other countries
  • We invented Hockey
  • We invented Basketball
  • We invented the telephone
  • We invented cable T.V.
  • There are over 2 million Canadian patents
  • We are one of the G-7 countries
  • We are a part of NATO
  • We are a part of NAFTA
  • We are one of the only countries that can put up with Americans
  • We have a low crime rate
  • Canada doesn't have the highest national debt (The U.S. does, ha!)
  • We have a slightly lower debt per-capita than the U.S.
  • We can understand American-English. (Well most of us anyway)
  • Canadians are polite
  • Canada is easy to spell
  • Canada is easy to pronounce
  • We have one of the top education systems
  • Canada has one of the fastest growing populations in the world
  • Canada introduced peace-keeping
  • Our government pays for medicine. In other words, no hospital bills
  • We have nice cities
  • We have clean cities
  • We are at peace with many countries
  • We are the leader in telephone technology
  • We have better technology than the U.S.
  • We made those dinosaurs in Jurassic Park
  • We are not stupid
  • We invented refinning
  • Canada has more clean water than any other nation
  • Canada is a free and democratic society
  • Hockey is Canada, Canada is hockey
  • We know how, and when to use the word, "eh"
  • We have two official languages, and a leader that speaks his own
  • Unlike what many people think, Canadians are patriotic
  • We are probably the least biased country
  • There's a lot of famous Canadians
  • We don't have to worry about nukes or bombs
  • Lots of ski resorts
  • We have the world's longest brige (P.E.I. to the mainiland)
  • We have the world's tallest self-supported structure (CN Tower, Toronto)
  • Most of us know what the CN Tower is for
  • We have the world's longest street (Yonge St., Toronto to somewhere near Manitoba)
  • We are great world-leaders withour beer
  • Canadians are 300% less likely to be murdered than Americans
  • Economy living up to most of its potential of all G7 nations
  • Falling crime rate
  • We have the 'Smarties' candy unlike Americans (Very important, isn't it?)
  • Our schools have less of a dicipline problem than American schools
  • Canadian students rank higher than American students in Math, Science, English, ...
  • 1/3 of Microsoft programmers come from the University of Waterloo
  • Canadian invented the baseball glove
  • Canadian invented insulin
  • Canadian invented the kitchen stove
  • Titanic, written, directed and produced by a Canadian, James Cameron
  • Nelvana Corp. of Toronto hired to produce all American cartoons on CBS
  • Canadian woman second in comand at UN (American not 1st or 3rd or 4th or... in command)
  • Canada is the only country at the Atlanta summer olympics that sent more women than men, meaning we aren't sexist
  • Canada is one of the few countries with women in the millitary
  • Canada has a trade surplus, unlike our southern friends
  • Canada is slated to get rid of the deficit and debt before the U.S.
  • Canadian music is world reknowned
  • Unemployed Canadians receive higher welfare cheques than unemployed Americans
  • Average life expectancy of a Canadian is 79 years, the highest in the world (U.S. is 75 years)
  • Canadian cities lead the world in quality of life. Vancouver (1), Toronto (3), Montreal (15). Closest American city was Atlanta at thrity-something
  • Canadian discovered Pablum (Baby food)
  • Women in Ontario can walk around topless legally (For men: YES! For women: Your freedoms are expanded)
  • Canadian doctor at the Montreal General Hospital was able to map the human brain
  • Recovered bodies of the Titanic are buried in Halifax (not really something to demonstrate patriotism but an interesting fact)
  • Canada never owned slaves (there were slaves in Canada in the 18th century but they were owned by the British government)
  • Many American slaves came secretly to Canada during the American civil war
  • Canada receives more immigrants per capita than the U.S. (almost twice as much)
  • Canada among most popular tourist destinations in the world
  • Canadian universities are world-reknowned for quality education and cheap tuitions
  • Canada is one of few countries at the UN to be apart of the security counsil, giving Canada a strong voice
  • Canada has teh lowest crime rate among major industrialized countries
  • Canada leads all economic powers in economic growth
  • World's best infrastructure
  • Very low inflation (0.9%)
  • Falling unemployment rate
  • Canadian social programs are unsurpassed
  • Stocks reaching new records
  • Major profits among Canadian companies
  • Canada is home to the world's third largest food franchise--Fogen Frutz
  • More medals per capita than any other country at the Atlanta Summer Olympics
  • Canadian troops lead the invasion of Normandy
  • Invasion planned in Quebec City by Mackenzie King, Winston Churchill, and Roosevelt
  • Canadian attack at Vimy Ridge during WWI; one of the turning points of the war
  • You know the nuclear bombs the U.S. prides itself on? Well they get the essential uranium from Canada
  • More drinkable water in Canada then anywhere else in the world
  • The longest inclined tower in the world (Olympic Tower, Montreal)

Published on: 2004-08-05 (64885 reads)

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