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Is Homer Simpson a Canadian?

The answer has been revealed, Homer Simpson fans...

The question that has been asked for years has finally been answered. After all the theories and speculation, Matt Groening has finally revealed the truth. The question? 'Is Homer Simpson a Canadian?' Right about now, I know you're probably thinking 'what is with this guy? Why is he making this out to be some kind of big deal?'. Why am I making this out to seem like such a big deal? Because I can, that's why. Anyway, now it is time for the answer. But before I give you the answer, we must first look at the evidence that points to the fact whether Homer, the lovable, yet idiotic cartoon character is actually a Canadian.


  • Homer eats food associated with Canada all the time. Such items would include donuts, maple syrup, a glass of maple syrup for breakfast (is he trying to kill himself?), beer and bacon. In fact, his two favourite edible items are beer and donuts.
  • Homer is named after Matt Groening's dad who is in fact a Canadian, being born in Winnepeg and all.
  • When people from Winnepeg heard that, they made a festival of sorts for him, making him an honourary citizen.

By now, and I mean right now, because everyone in the world now knows the truth, you're getting bored. But I don't care, I'm gonna keep writing. Now then, fans and Canadian just needed the confirmation...

  • At the Montreal Comedy Festival, it was officialy made public... Matt Groening admitted it... Homer Simpson is a CANADIAN

The confirmation was made public. Now this article has lost all point and meaning. Which means you can stop reading it if you want to, because there's nothing else to read about. If you managed to read this article this far without being bored as hell, good for you. Now go do something meaningful with your life.

By: Arsh Dhadwal AKA Scarecrow

Published on: 2004-08-05 (23269 reads)

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