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PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 9:30 pm

Knoss wrote:
War breaks out between the US & China and we're screwed because China is who we buy most of our steel from. No steel, means no tanks, guns, bombs, ships, or planes.

Currently IPSO based out of Regina, SK is the largest producer of plate steel and large diameter pipe so tanks, ships, and artillary guns aren't a problem.

:oops: I thought Germany was the number 1 producer of steel manufacturing products ...guess I was wrong .

I always wonder if there is a danger that less employment in manufacturing causes less consumerism or a tougher time of it for the greater population , because technologies have grown by leaps and bounds and are only going to get better . Regarding agriculture I see very little weeknesses in the southern alberta area ...During harvest the trucking traffic going in and out of Rogers Sugar plant turns the entire #3 highway into a two track grooved road every year to the point where your vehicle wonders about if you don't stay within or out of the grooves . Good for the Danish farmers because the sale of farm land
with Denmark is a billion dollar per year profit for realtors and descendant land owners kids .

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