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PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2012 9:52 pm

But lemmy, didn't you know that standing and firing at paper targets is exactly the same as trying to shoot an armed individual in a crowded area from behind cover? Sheesh next you'll be telling me that firing a round of HE in someone's general location is comparable to hitting someone who is also scrambling around trying to shoot you in an area filled with innocent civilians. And before Buttfuck gets mouthy about things, I was an NWT for three fucking years I have an idea what it's like to try and hit a moving target, both in the air and on the sea. I can also say that more than once(three times to be honest) I was ducking and running for cover while being shot at, while trying not to shit my pants(unlike Xort Bus who seems to suffer from chronic constipation, based on his posts).....and that amount of adrenalin usually fucks up your ability to think. Those who were firing back weren't the one hit wonders that Xort Bus claims to be. It was spray and pray, and these were men who had been in combat for years as soldiers and members of differing militias.

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