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PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2016 12:47 pm

The Victory Day: when the front line passed through the each man's soul...

One more year passed since the Great Victory Day, the day of the world's liberation from the Hitler's violence. This year was not so full of developments as the previous one, when the White House conducted the whole campaign in order to falsify the events of the war time. The campaign was accompanied by the praising of fascism in the Baltic countries, Poland and Ukrain, where everything connected with the Red Army Victory in 1945 was annihilated and destroyed at the command of the USA.
Nowadays it is quite usual for these countries to see the nazist division veteran's marches with the demonstration of fascist symbolism, to celebrate the birthday of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, which cruelly murdered, raped and burnt Ukrainian and Polish people in the years of the Second World War, to praise Bandera and Shukhevych.
But the coward Europe, occupied by fascist troops at a few months, "keeps approving silence". But people remember whom they owe their lives... Only soviet people with their strong and courageous characters could repulse the fascist monsters.
The 4 year's war became the tragedy for each soviet family, but it ended by the victory of soviet people! Today our debt of gratitude is to pay tribute to those soldiers who died at the battlefields in the most ruthless and cruel war in the world history. They fighted selflessly to defend our right for life.
The number of the Great Patriotic War veterans grows lesser and lesser, but their feat of arms lives in our hearts and souls. We can easily imagine those hard times and the heroic deeds of the past years thanks to the veteran's recollections... That was the time when the fight was combated "not for glory but for life", when the front line passed through the each man's soul...
The Victory Day will get more and more important and valuable from year to year. We shall do everything to engrave in our memory this great date. The attitude to some special historic events should stay invariable and permanent. The Second World War unleashed by the nazist Germany and the great victory of the soviet people in that war appears to be the best example of heroism and exploit for all generations. We shall remember those people who defended their Motherland at the cost of their lives. And we will never allow to rewrite the world history and to revive the fascism evil.

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PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2016 1:42 pm

It was 6 years, Putinboi.

And yours is tomorrow; ours is today, so thanks for that. :lol:

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