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PostPosted: Wed Nov 29, 2006 5:23 am

Use these when you feel a particular club or international team has earned their stripes in an awful area of crapness.

The Matt Williams Award for the most negative kicking game in rugby

Tired of your fly half constantly trying to kick for touch every time your team gets possession? Infuriated when he opts to kick for goal rather than kick to the corner and go for a try? Ripping out your hair when he goes to try a drop goal and instead finds row Z all the way to the left?

Then that team or player obviously deserves the Matt Williams Award for the most negative kicking game in rugby! As former coach of Scotland, Matt Williams wrote the book on how to be an offensive, demoralizing jerk and also on how to construct one of the most conservative and awful game plans in International rugby!


The Andrew Robinson award for total lack of basic skills

Is your club or team dropping every pass, missing every tackle and failing to score tries even when its 7 attackers vs 1 defender? Do they stare blankly at the referee when he says "scrum", "line out" or "half time"? Then in that case they need to be awarded the Andrew Robinson award for total lack of basic skills!

Andy Robinson is the (soon to be sacked) Head Coach of the England Rugby team. He has overseen a paltry 13 wins from 24 games in his 2 year tenure as Head Coach and almost had the honour of breaking England's worst run of defeats. Sadly England beat South Africa so the record still stands at 7 defeats in a row.


*Okay, so slightly late! But here they are!*

The Graham Henry award for best team performance

Is your team just too awesome? That every time they play, you are almost dead certain that they'll win, come what may? Does your team pass with pin point accuracy, run like the devil and tackle like a boar with lines better than that of a top telephone company?

Then you need the..


Graham Henry, coach of the All Blacks, is fast turning his charges into one of the most legendary All Black outfits in Rugby folklore are they continue their seemingly unstoppable march to World Cup glory.

The Jason White award for best turnaround in form for a rugby team

Were your lost, but now been found? Has your team finally answered the calls to step up a gear, stand and be counted?! Have they overturned an awful run of form to claw their way back into contention? Regardless of whether it was a messy or a sublime win, your team needs...


Jason White, Captain for Scotland and plays for Sale, knows all that there is to know about battling impossible odds and coming out on top. If anyone knows about fighting Roukes Drift every day, it'll be Jason White!

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