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PostPosted: Thu Aug 31, 2006 2:44 pm

You've raised some interesting and important issues. The CRTC's traditional media regulation (print, TV, radio) policies seem more interested in making sure that the media is one sided and corrupt rather than open and honest. Fortunately they've so far left the internet alone (not that they could control it anyway), and it has become perhaps the most open and difficult to manipulate service ever seen in history.<br /> <br /> For example - this request was denied:<br /> <a href="">CRTC asked to block access to U.S. websites</a> <br /> <br /> There used to be a "false news law", but it was being misused, and ironically thanks to Ernst Zundel, the law was abolished.<br /> <br /> In the end, I think that less regulation is better than more regulation, since regulations tend to be abused, especially when it comes to the information that you are exposed to.<br /> <br /> For example, recently attempts have been made to link 9/11 truth seekers wth Holocaust denial! Imagine if the CRTC could decree that "denial" of official 9/11 dogma is a thought crime?<br />


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I certainly *do not* want the CRTC to regulate actual content and never eluded to that. They are however accountable for our public broadcaster. I *do not* think at all that eliminating our public broadcaster is part of the solution of a citizen media charter of rights. <br /> <br /> Our public broadcaster has a responsability to promote canadian content (not State propaganda), and that includes NGO new medias such as Vive without necessarily agreeing to its content. And it is up to the regulator to do its job in this area, via a citizen media charter of rights defining the rules of engagements of its public, private and NGO medias. Such a charter seems far more important than a consumer one IMO. The public broadcaster has to stop "entertaining us" and inform us using the means available, and that includes the NGO media sector. It's not about rating or building a "brand", dixit Sylvain Lafrance, high level executive at la SRC.

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