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PostPosted: Sun Feb 20, 2005 8:14 pm

Although you don't specify exactly how it is the judge and CP knew that perjury was being committed-I think I understood it, but not sure, this isn't the first time I've heard of such stories.<br /> <br /> One of the worst injustices of 'national media' and corporate media is that stories about people are rarely printed. This has led to rampant legal abuses in every province. Of course, the majority of canadians do not hear about them, and know very little about canada's justice system in general, having never had to be associated with it. I've typically found that those who are most supportive of government are those that have had little contact with it (I know that's a generalization). <br /> <br /> However, I didn't understand the part about planning canadian 'innovation'.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2005 8:09 am

They both new due to the actuall testimon, which changed several times.<br /> <br /> Protest FOR innovation.<br /> <br /> March 22 2005 1:30 pm Chilliwack Court House.<br /> <br /> The plan is to have me imprisoned during the Provincial Election.<br /> <br /> This is not about me, hell I have done 8.5 yaers in cages being fed with sling shots.<br /> <br /> This is about the abuse of the system to steal / suppress inventions and innovations.<br /> <br /> This is important Claude Fortin Scientist at Environment Canada Re: Portable Wheat Starch system, Could reduse the incidence of childhood Leukemia , Bronchitis , Asthma, and infant Mortality.<br /> <br /> I have been arbirtarily imprisoned,assaulted ,tortured, prohibitted from driving, prohibited from working, had welections rigged by the media, and it goes on and on.<br /> <br /> I can take what they dish out to me, not a problem!<br /> <br /> but can you consider helping prevent a growing pile of dead babies?<br /> <br /> also Human Excrement + Nuclear waste = Hydrogen<br /> <br /> Dennis Baker<br /> <br />

PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2005 8:15 am

From: dennis baker <br /> To:, <br /> Cc:,,, <br /> Sent: November 4, 2004 7:12:10 AM <br /> By way of this email I am requesting the Attorney General of British Columbia to order a Police Investigation into the Conspiracy to Committee Perjury and Obstruction of Justice by Wal-Mart Canada Employees at Chilliwack B.C.<br /> <br /> On Four separate court appearances in Chilliwack I clearly verbally requested full disclosure detailing in this request the nature of the evidence and relevance.<br /> One request was in writing given to the Crown Prosecutors office.<br /> <br /> The Information is the Name of the Wal-Mart employee whom was present during all proceedings.<br /> <br /> The RCMP officer whom attended may very well recall an individual sitting in the room.<br /> <br /> This kid was present due to his size , I guess to intimidate me!<br /> <br /> The Crown Prosecutor in Chilliwack is fully aware that this individual will corroborate my claim of perjury by the Crowns witness.<br /> <br /> <br /> When ordered by the Judge to provide me with the name, the Crown provided me with two names which neither are not the correct one. These names were supplied by the person committing the perjury.(surprise) he will not provide the correct one.<br /> <br /> The Wal-Mart employee records(pay records) will provide the correct name.<br /> <br /> The manager of Wal-Mart also refused to provide the individuals name.<br /> <br /> This request will become part of my defense record on this issue.<br /> Whom is committing the serious crime here?<br /> <br /> <br /> Your expedited actions will be appreciated<br /> Dennis Baker<br /> <br />

PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2005 10:58 am

<br /> <br /> Date: 2/18/2005 14:53:55 -0800<br /> From: Dennis Baker <br /> Reply-to: Dennis Baker <br /> To: Moon <br /> Subject: Re: Fwd: hate crimes All headers<br /> moon this is a long story.<br /> <br /> I scored 175 in an I.Q. test in kindergarten and was placed on the<br /> TERMAN EXPERIMENTS web search (termans termites)<br /> <br /> Resuts are that children from the lower socio-economic classes whom<br /> scored over 135 ended up as I did, incarcerated! While rich kids<br /> enjoyed extra school attention and success in life.<br /> <br /> My opinion is that If you want a field full of cows you remove the bulls early!<br /> <br /> The result was youth incarceration an framed court hearings.<br /> at the age of 15 when released from ST. Johns in Uxbridge Ontario, I<br /> was a freakin mad dog on the loose.<br /> Spent from 16 to 22 pretty well full time incarcerated, including the<br /> penitentiary at 19!<br /> <br /> when The Calgary Police special crimes unit was caught committing<br /> perjury, for a crime that never happened I decided to drop all<br /> association with the criminal world<br /> whent to SAIT and graduated from the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Technology.<br /> <br /> I worked for 1 year in Abu Dhabi UAE, then returned to Canada and<br /> finished my apprenticeship at Kenn Borek Air. Until the 88 Olympics,<br /> when I was fired in a formate that disenfranchised me from any legal<br /> action.<br /> <br /> I continued working at a variety of places (resume included)!<br /> <br /> When Kelowna Flightcraft got caught dumping chemical paint removers, I<br /> wrote premier Vandersalm that I was the only individual in Canada<br /> trained on an environmental system called PRAM.<br /> <br /> 30 days later I was unemployed and black balled. After one year self<br /> abuse "coconut"!<br /> <br /> I decided to fight, and returned to the Okanagan and wrote a business<br /> plan on building a hanger to accomplish environmental paint removal!<br /> The plan was rejected but the BC government funded Flightcraft and a<br /> Helicopter outfight with the PRAM equipment.<br /> <br /> I then wrote a business plan for a Portable Wheat Starch Paint removal System,<br /> Truck mounted PRAM equipment, with modifications to allow for the use<br /> of Wheat Starch as the media !<br /> 3 months later Boeing approved use of Wheat Starch as a paint remover<br /> on all the Aircraft they Manufacture.<br /> <br /> During this time I was imprisoned to prevent my speaking to the House<br /> of Commons standing Committee on the Environment and Sustainable<br /> Development!<br /> For walking without a licence or insurance! I was prohibited from<br /> driving as a danger to society, no accidents or impaired driving.<br /> <br /> (One accident I was hit on purpose and held in jail in Vernon to<br /> prevent my personally giving a Mike Harcourt with a copy of the Hanger<br /> business plan.)<br /> I was released after the Union of BC Municipalities was over. and<br /> subsequent acquittal on the charge of hit and run.<br /> <br /> I drove ambulance in Toronto for Two years, just to prove the Danger<br /> to Society was an abuse of power. My brother owned the company at the<br /> time.<br /> <br /> During this time each and every time my wife and I would argue(money)<br /> the police would charge with me Assaults that never happened!<br /> <br /> The Vac Trucks you see everywhere are pirated versions of my Portable<br /> Wheat Starch system, missing only the application equipment, they are<br /> the retrieval equipment only!<br /> <br /> A military subcontractor CAE then got Government Money to try and<br /> build a computerised Wheat Starch system which never did pan out, so<br /> they sold all rights to a US company.<br /> <br /> The Vice President of CAE told me " We are not going to take you out<br /> in court we are going to take you out on the street", I replied Good<br /> cause then your on my turf and would have to get in line behind the<br /> other 200 cocksuckers whom have threatened to kill me!<br /> <br /> While back in Penticton BC, I was constantly under some criminal<br /> charge, that stemmed from the RCMP confronting me, and no other<br /> reason.<br /> <br /> After being convicted of walking my dog without a leash (Obstruction of police)<br /> I quit using any Lawyers as they were clearly just another level of opposition.<br /> <br /> The concept is quite simple as long as they had an outstanding charge<br /> against me it would scare of any investors!<br /> <br /> Ed Remmick at the Patent Office in Hull Quebec " we will never give<br /> you a patent.<br /> no lawyer will work for you, and if one does we will reject the<br /> application, if you do get an application we can not reject then we<br /> have 3 Federal Departments ready to take it from you!<br /> <br /> Coincidence?, but the same day I received my Papers to run in a<br /> Federal Election I was offered a temporary Job in Africa, which due to<br /> the years of poverty I took.<br /> <br /> After 4 months I returned from Africa with Malaria, my health Care was<br /> cancelled and had to wait until its was reestablished before I could<br /> seek medical attention.<br /> <br /> The Police had other plans. I was again charged with assault, that<br /> never happened, but was denied medical attention for the Malaria.<br /> I was given this option<br /> 1) plead guilty and do 28 day's<br /> 2) plead not guilty and do 6 months awaiting trial<br /> Both options included the Zero medical attention for malaria.<br /> <br /> I pleaded guilty as I thought I was tough enough to live for 28 day's<br /> but new 6 months was impossible.<br /> <br /> After release I had to threaten the emergency ward at Penticton<br /> hospital with the destruction of the emergency ward right then and now<br /> before they agreed to test me for malaria.<br /> Surprise I had Malaria , this was at midnight, at 6 am the next<br /> morning my spleen exploded.<br /> <br /> Kamloops Jail refused to test for Malaria but would test me for AIDS<br /> first if the results came back negative they would consider a malaria<br /> test, in 6 Weeks time !<br /> <br /> No lawyer would work for me! The Regional Crown refused to<br /> investigate my torture allegation.<br /> Ujjal Dosanjh threw out the last attempt to wrongfully imprison me as<br /> a Malicious prosecution, although the Regional Crown found there was<br /> no Malicious Prosecution!<br /> After this I was able to get work turning around Boeing 727 aircraft<br /> for Royal Airlines, whom were so pleased with my abilities they sent<br /> me on a Boeing 757 endorsement course.<br /> then sent me to Calgary to maintain the Boeing 737 cargo<br /> aircraft.Which is where I was denied a security clearance, and denied<br /> in federal court my request for a hearing to substantiate the denial.<br /> <br /> Whats important to note is that each and every time I became eligible<br /> for Pardon, I was wrongfully convicted of something!<br /> <br /> I decide to run in an election to get the Mayor of Penticton out of<br /> office, as the Mayor is top cop and responsible for allowing the<br /> torture.<br /> The media decided for me , that I quit the election and supported<br /> another candidate, when I requested a retraction, they called the RCMP<br /> to have me charged with Trespass! Regardless the mayor lost and the<br /> new one apparently stopped local police actions against me.<br /> <br /> I forwarded a complaint against the Commissioner of the RCMP with<br /> perjury in front of the Senate on the DNA data bank legislation! no<br /> did anything and the RCMP complaints commission refused to<br /> investigate.<br /> <br /> I then ran as a Candidate in the first By-Election in penticton<br /> against Stockwell Day. Somehow I was running against the leaders of 3<br /> political parties, Reform, Green and Marijuana parties.<br /> <br /> The media refused to cover me.<br /> this is what I said:<br /> "The only reason they want to change the Young Offenders Act to get 10<br /> year olds is they are building private prisons, private prisons<br /> require bodies in the cells to make a profit. The only way to get a<br /> steady supply of bodies is create dysfunctional youth through youth<br /> incarceration. Its called SLAVERY and anyone whom wants to imprison 10<br /> year old children is a pedophile.<br /> <br /> The next time I was approaching Pardon eligibility two C-train cops<br /> put me through a pane of Safety Glass at the Zoo station 6 feet by 8<br /> feet, 3/8 inch thick.<br /> <br /> this took over two years to beat in court, and they altered the Video<br /> tapes evidence!<br /> Video does not start until after I was already through the glass.<br /> The injuries I sustained were to the place where my neck and skull<br /> connect and was lucky not to be left a quadriplegic!<br /> <br /> I realised that in order to protect myself it was necessary to<br /> initiate minor criminal charges to prevent the oppressors from deeming<br /> it necessary for another violent attack. so I started minor<br /> shoplifting to both feed my family and protect myself.<br /> <br /> see I have done 8.5 years in one form of incarceration or another so<br /> fear of jail just does not exist in me.<br /> <br /> Walmart refused me employment greasing cars, due to criminal record so<br /> I decided to target them with the thefts.<br /> Robin Hood kind of thing, they are the richest family on the planet,<br /> and poor people always got a cut of the action.<br /> <br /> during this time I continued to promote my inventions:<br /> Claude Fortin, Scientist at Environment Canada, re Wheat Starch :<br /> would reduce the incidence of Childhood Leukemia, Bronchitis, Asthma<br /> and Infant Mortality!<br /> <br /> Apparently the rest of Canada could care less.(baby killers)!<br /> <br /> Moon , thats some of the story!<br /> <br /> yesterday was my last criminal charge outstanding, and it looks like I<br /> will be imprisoned at sentencing March. The Clown Persicutor wants 90<br /> days, which is fuck all to me but does imprison me during the<br /> Provincial election.<br /> <br /> Dennis Baker<br /> <br /> <br /> RESUME<br /> <br /> DENNIS EARL BAKER<br /> <br /> Aircraft Maintenance Engineer M1 M2<br /> <br /> Boeing 727 Boeing 757<br /> <br /> Contact Cell Phone (250) 488-5661<br /> <br /><br /> <br /> Education:<br /> <br /> 1986 Graduate Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Aircraft Maintenance<br /> <br /> Engineers Technology<br /> <br /> Aviation Related Employment:<br /> <br /> May 2001 to July 2001<br /> <br /> Turnarounds and Terminations DC-9 Aircraft, Maint-Av Jet Services Inc<br /> <br /> Saskatoon Sask.<br /> <br /> September 1999 to June 2000<br /> <br /> Airframe Overhaul and Modification of Crashed Cessna 206 , Kittyhawk<br /> <br /> Aviation Penticton B.C.<br /> <br /> 1999 June to August 1999<br /> <br /> West Africa Geological Survey Cessna 404 Titan, Crown Charter Brantford<br /> <br /> Ontario.<br /> <br /> January 1998 to August 1998<br /> <br /> Turnarounds and Terminations Boeing 727, Boeing 757 Endorsement, Amodeo<br /> <br /> Enterprises Winnipeg Manitoba<br /> <br /> April 1997 to September 1997<br /> <br /> West Africa Geological Survey Cessna 404 Titan, Crown Charter Brantford<br /> <br /> Ontario.<br /> <br /> October 1996 to November 1996<br /> <br /> Banks Island Geological Survey Cessna 404 Titan, Crown Charter Brantford<br /> <br /> Ontario.<br /> <br /> April 1990 to March 1991<br /> <br /> Boeing 727, Convair 580, Twin Otter Overhaul, Boeing 727 Endorsement<br /> <br /> Kelowna Flightcraft<br /> <br /> Kelowna B.C.<br /> <br /> October 1989 to January 1990<br /> <br /> Boeing 707 subcontract DND, Western Aerospace Calgary Alberta.<br /> <br /> May 1989 to September 1989<br /> <br /> Chief Engineer Variety Small Single and Twin Engine Aircraft, Okotoks Flight<br /> <br /> Center , Okotoks Alberta.<br /> <br /> January 1988 to September 1998<br /> <br /> Overhaul and Line Maintenance Twin Otter Aircraft, Kenn Borek Air, Calgary<br /> <br /> Alberta.<br /> <br /> March 1986 to March 1987<br /> <br /> Overhaul Buffalo and Twin Otter, Dash 7 Emirates Air Service, Abu Dhabi,<br /> <br /> United Arab Emirates.<br /> <br /> June 1971 to September 1972 ( age 11 and 12 during the summer )<br /> <br /> Exchanged work at Gerry Billings home airstrip for rides in Aerobatic<br /> <br /> Aircraft<br /> <br /> OTHER ENDEVOURS<br /> <br /> 1) Speaker at the University of Calgary Alt Energy 2003 Conference<br /> <br /> 2) Solicited evaluation of the Earth Charter by the Earth Council prior to<br /> <br /> presentation at The Hague, and subsequent endorsement by the UN Security<br /> <br /> Council.<br /> <br /> 3) Solicited evaluation of the NAFTA Environmental Agreement, by the<br /> <br /> University of Southern California Global Peace and Conflict Studies.<br /> <br /> 4) Presentation to the Nafta Council for Environmental Cooperation (CEC)<br /> <br /> 5) Presentation to the Atomic Energy Control Board re: Deep Rock Disposal<br /> <br /> 6) Volunteer Fire Fighter<br /> <br /> 7) Volunteer Ambulance Driver<br /> <br /> 8) Candidate in Municipal Election<br /> <br /> 9) Candidate in Federal Election<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> References<br /> <br /> From: "Office of the Premier PREM:EX" <br /> <br /> To: "''" <br /> <br /> Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 14:56:05 -0700<br /> <br /> Thank you for your follow-up email.<br /> <br /> As you have requested, I am sending the email that you reference to your new<br /> <br /> address:<br /> <br /> Thank you for your email.<br /> <br /> You are to be commended for all of the hard work and initiative you have<br /> <br /> invested in the development of your idea for an alternative energy system.<br /> <br /> If you are referencing the need for information about investment capital<br /> <br /> programs to assist in the establishment of a business that is based on your<br /> <br /> idea, please visit the Programs and Services page of the Ministry of<br /> <br /> Competition, Science and Enterprise Web Site:<br /> <br /><br /> <br /> /default.htm<br /> <br /> Again, thank you for writing. I wish you all the best in your future<br /> <br /> endeavours.<br /> <br /> Sincerely,<br /> <br /> Gordon Campbell<br /> <br /> Premier <br /> <br />

PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, 2005 11:28 am

Please note the Beaurocrates have refused to respond to anything even when erged to by the premier of BC<br /> Dennis Baker

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