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PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 6:39 pm

The Nanaimo port authority plans to only allow boats with insurance to anchor in Nanaimo Harbour, and require all boats to submit a record of the use of their heads and holding tanks for the last six months. They plan to limit anchoring in Nanaimo to two weeks. This is to force the people who live on their boats into the ranks of the homeless and force any other visitors to Nananimo to pay them $30 a night to tie up to their docks.
This gives the private insurance industry the power to decide who may or may not enjoy the mobility rights and the right to persue a livlihood in section six of the charter of rights, contingent on paying them a ransom for the right to enjoy a charter right.Their proposals violate freedom of association , the right to life liberty and security of the person, protection from unreasonable search and siezure,mobilty rights ,the right to persue a livlihood , etc,etc.
It is done with the asumption that they will be more secure forcing happy people out of their floating homes and into the ranks of the homeless, in their own backyards , much angrier and more desperate, with nothing to lose.
Many of the homeless living in tent cities used to live on boats, until the bureaucratic government goons for the real estate industry forced them into the ranks of the homeless. Hs this mad erlife for the rest of us safer and more secure?
While these are legal arguements, justice has become a comodity only purchaseable by those who can afford to purchase it. There are many other forms of payback that people forced into the ranks of the homeles can use, which are their only options. Expect Nanaimo Port Authority insurance claims to go up substantially, if they pull this one off.

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