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PostPosted: Thu May 20, 2010 4:55 pm

Both Linda Bush and Dziekanski's mother were badgered, and stalled into dropping their cases.
Given the RCMP and the Mafia's tradition of threatening , beating and or framing friends of anyone they can't get at personally, it makes you wonder what beatings framing and threats were made against the friends and families of Bush and Dziekanski, made to intimidate them, and wear them down , into dropping their lawsuits. The threats against the personal friends of Marc Emory, in order to get him to surrender, are another good example of the use of this mafia style tactic.
When RCMP watched a disabled man die , drowning in his own vomit, while they stood by watching, joking and laughing at him, while he died, while doing nothing to try help him and save his life ,is another example of their impunity, and the degree with which the legal industry gives them total immunity for their actions. As Lawyer Clayton Ruby said "If anyone outside the legal industry did that, they would be thrown in jail immediately, and be charged with failure to provide the necessities of life, criminal negligence causing death, and possibly manslaughter. Only their membership in the legal industry's "Old Boys Club" gives them immunity."
A recent survey found that only 44% of BC residents believe the legal industry here is even capable of accurately determining guilt or innocence. Thank god they are finally waking up . We no longer consider the fox innocent of stealing our chickens, until he admits to it, and decrees himself "Guilty".
The legal industry has zero credibility when it comes to determining guilt or innocence of cops in Canada.
Another example of how the legal industry works is the BC rail scandal. A special Prosecutor was appointed to assure total impartiality. What did they do? They arranged for the "Impartial special prosecutor" to be some one who had personally contributed $1,000 to Campbell's election campaign. He only admitted that after he had exonerated his employers, and heroes .
The RCMP arranged for the "impartial person",in charge of the complaints commision, with no connections whatever to the RCMP ,as the law required, to be a former assistant commissioner for the RCMP . That was illegal. So what are the chances of anyone facing any consequences for the arrangement? Zero!
That is how the legal industry works in Canada. Calling it a "Justice system" is a bare faced lie.



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PostPosted: Sat Jul 03, 2010 2:29 pm

What has made me angry is your insult to Brian Swain, a man I do not know, but you felt free to insult rather than trying to engage in a dialogue or to even address any of his statements.

You are a bully and you owe him an apology.
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And you've only just met me.


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PostPosted: Tue Jul 20, 2010 4:15 pm

As a Newfie once told me, mounties like him sure know how to put the Arse in Arsey Empee.

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