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PostPosted: Tue Nov 30, 2004 3:47 pm

Let's consider a useful "entartage" application in response to Calumny's comments on an other thread. <br /> <br />[QUOTE BY= Calumny] 'Entartage' apparent being included in the broad spectrum.. <br />[/QUOTE] <br />ENFP do not take responsabilities well either. After *you* introduced DD and Anarchy and mentionned something about the lack of Myers-Briggs doers, Entartage was only a slight incremental step on the Feeling side. There is a conspiracy here (ENFP are paranoid too). <br /> <br />On second thoughts (or more increments), Vive has a rather large footprint across Canada and Canadian Sovereingty would benefit IMHO from having Vive agents from Vive cells ready to throw these pies on short warning (assuming this is not a criminal matter). <br /> <br />Gordon Campbell comes to mind after he had the balls to say "Hey we just found an extra 200 million dollars to finance your RAV line (make or break deadline is tomorrow)". We were just told couple days ago that they were short of 147M$. This is the line that will cost 1.4B$ and will shave off 10 minutes commute on something they could do for a whole lot less using upgraded bus runs and corridors like the "B-line". <br />This is the line that will not go on the existing Arbutus abandonned train line 'cause it might affect the property value of the wealthy ones that complain against the welfare scammers. This is the one known for requiring tunneling work where every single jobs had overrun budget and schedule wherever done before. And this is many years after Drapeau said that having a deficit on this (i.e. the 76 Olympics Big O) would be like a man getting pregnant. <br /> <br />They did not even mock up the transit run and forecast the ridership because nobody would take it and it would look bad. This was voted down twice and got accepted a third time after major lobbying efforts. Aaaarghhh. No wonder Cherry got in the top-10. Entartage is much lesser evil. I better show some more restraint or they will lock me up.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 01, 2004 6:20 pm

oh come on gaulois, you know you can't pie Gordon Campbell. The slimy weasel won't come out in public. <br /> <br />But don't worry. Even if we can't pie him, I've heard personal accounts of restaurant staff regularly spitting in his food. Productive? No. But I bet they feel DAMN good doing it. <br /> <br />Just a side note on Campbell here. Last week he came to Vancouver for a $500/plate dinner. There was a rather small protest that managed to block off every entrance to the building. As his car pulled up, a plain-clothed (CSIS?) officer attacked a protestor to allow Campbell entrance to the building. I say the bastard deserves more than a pie. Maybe a good slap with a BC Sockeye Salmon. Or better yet, one of those double-sized, 9-pound Atlantic farmed salmon (to honour Campbell's deregulation of the salmon farming industry).

Kory Yamashita

"What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

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