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PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 9:42 pm

What long term goals do you believe the Conservative Movement in Canada needs for a "Revolution"? (revolution meaning that on a scale of the change that occurred in the Trudeau years), here are things I believe need to happen (some ideas are from books I've read):

1) More Conservative think tanks. The Liberal Party of Canada has pumped in so much government dollars into left of centre political think tanks, that they've built up a government-funded idea marketplace that is mostly left wing.

Conservative Business men/women and other people need to get in here and start getting more right leaning think tanks running to widen the spectrum in the marketplace of ideas. In the short term, a Conservative Government, needs to gut all funding to left wing organizations.

2) We need to position ourselves as the party for families and the middle class. The party for those who work hard, play by the rules, and pay their taxes. We must paint the Liberals as the party that only cares about the scum of society (criminals, drug dealers, addicts, etc.), and won't care for the middle class. We need universal family-friendly policies, and more tax cuts to the middle class, to position ourselves as the blue/white collar working class party.

3) Youth and Immigrants. These are the people that can be "saved" and taken into a conservative world view ideology. Older seniors, people who have lived here all their life, who are liberal, aren't gonna change. We need to heavily target these 2 niche groups, which are very large, and bring them - over time - under the Tory wing. We need to always break down the Liberal Indoctrination institutions that try to brainwash youth into a left wing ideology. This means always having a CHOICE in child care, and reforming the public education system into a more BALANCED place of ideas. This includes many more benefits (tax breaks mostly...not throw money around like the Libs) to students, and we need to be their to help immigrants get accredited and work in the fields they came here to do, and give them the tools and ability to succeed. Small business tax breaks are very popular in the Asian community. We gotta target those types of areas. We need to do this while still breaking down multiculturalism into more of a melting pot style of immigration, where 2nd generation children are fully melted into the Canadian culture.

So what else would you include that is needed for a Conservative Revolution?

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