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CKA Uber
CKA Uber
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2009 12:20 pm

Those Dangerous right-wingers
By Jordan Alcock ShareThis

The day of reckoning is truly upon us if you listen to one deranged Canadian left-wing blogger. The big bad republican machine is turning mild-mannered conservatives into frothing-at-the mouth activists. Is that the new strategy on the fringe left, take all talking points from Janet Napolitano?

Of course, the only way to make your point is to vilify your opponents with outrageous accusations. “Astro-turf”. Isn’t that incredible, the left-wing talking about staging dissent. I’m sure we all remember the Unions coming out to protest for the coalition the Thursday prior to the rallyforcanada event. If that wasn’t manufactured decent, I don’t know what is.

For 8 long years the left continuously sent it’s minions after the Republicans and George Bush. They bashed him for the way he talked, for his little slip-ups and for his policies(to a lesser extent). They screamed out all sorts of things, and oh by the way - they had swastikas (usually when they likened Bush to Hitler, but nonetheless that is more swastikas than I’ve seen at any of the townhalls or tea parties).

A word to Jymn Parrett: Grow up. Just, grow up.

What a way to demonstrate your complete and utter lack of critical thinking skills, than to post something as ridiculous as:

“Just a warning. We in Canada are not immune. Talibertans will soon follow their southern cousins and stop debate, halt progress and attempt to force the rest of Canada into their regressive Con endgame.”

Talibertans? Really? You feel like disparaging an entire province of people? The same people who pump billions of dollars into the rest of the country and despite whining a bit about it keep doing it? (anyone else reminded of: “Soldiers with guns. In Canada” ? )

I think we all know whats going on here Jymn - you can’t stand that the shoe is on the other foot. Life is difficult when you have to go on the defensive for garbage government policies that come from your party of preference. Trust me, I know.

There is only one thing that is “actually scary.” - that is that there are people disrespectful and ignorant enough to actually believe the trash that is spewed on blogs like this on a daily basis. Maybe in the future you and your ilk should be slightly less dishonest about what is really going on, and listen to people who have legitimate concerns.

One thing is certain, if the government keeps treading on individuals and dismisses them as “astro-turf”, this “New way of doing business in Washington” won’t be lasting very long. People really don’t take kindly to being compared to artificial grass. But then, civility and reasoned debate aren’t really hallmarks of the Chicago political scene are they?

Nevermind, Left-wingers gather and its a protest. Right-wingers gather and they’ve been bought out by corporate america. Nice.

Here's the blog entry he's on about:
Of course he includes a picture of a KKK goof with a Canadian flag in thebackground.

It's about to happen. You can feel it in the air. Wingnuts are massing at the borders of lunacy. It is actually scary. Something bad is about to happen in the good ol' USA. The frothing few will soon step over an already unsteady line and do something tragic and deadly. You can see in the town halls and in the blogs. Something evil this way comes. Just a warning. We in Canada are not immune. Talibertans will soon follow their southern cousins and stop debate, halt progress and attempt to force the rest of Canada into their regressive Con endgame. Look, The right wing, in the US and in Canada, is getting bolder and bolder. These people have no problem with resorting to violence. They think about it all the time. Malkin, Shaidle, Limbaugh, Bolton, Beck, Krauthammer, Steyn - they are all just waiting for the final act. Then they will sit back and accuse the liberals of pulling the trigger.

UPDATE: Interesting that the right wing is now accusing liberals of being behind the birther nonsense and the Obama as Joker poster. If you are a wingnut and your meme is exposed as nothing more than propaganda, do what you always do, blame the other side.
Posted by Jymn Parrett at 5:17 AM ... right.html

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