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PostPosted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 6:10 pm

Yeah and the Corn-servatives have your best interests a heart. :roll:
I live on CPP, OAS and a half union pension. When things were good I saved and paid for both brand new vehicles cash. Didn't snivel and whine and expect to buy a house where I grew up for $2.3 million, went to the boonies where jobs were and land is cheap.
Last Xmas I bought this laptop for myself outa what I saved from my pension, it was more than $1000. The year before saved up for a 55" TV. By the time I'd saved $1000 for that, it had gone down to $699 at Costco.
And I finally quit smoking9 months now. Two pack a day habit for years that amounts in 9 months to $7700 bucks I didn't spend. Now if someone could explain where that $7700 IS, or how the hell I managed to find that much to spend before I quit...

But asides from trolling and ragging a grand is shit in this day and age. 2nd hand iPhone. Almost a set of tires. a shitty fridge, beater car, not even a side of beef. And if you want to run for politics, you better know how things work and how to come up with more than that.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 8:54 am

DrCaleb wrote:
My questions are; why does 95-year-old grandma have a daughter that looks 40, and who leaves this 95-year-old blind lady alone for 2 weeks at Christmas???

The lady wasn't alone. She was in a care home. The reality is that family members have to do this because they are spread from one end of this huge country to the other. Not always possible to be in two places at Christmas so its either spend Christmas with other family and grandchildren or spend Christmas with the elderly person in the care home. Usually a ninety-five-year-old has outlived all her friends and most of her siblings and relatives so invariably they are very much alone. Life isn't always fun. That said, the cruelty this Home displayed is unconscionable.

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