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Title: We Must Listen To Concerns About Shared Values
Written By: JaredMilne
Date: Thursday, February 09 at 18:34
During the federal Conservative leadership race, Kellie Leitch has gotten more attention than most candidates, due in large part to her proposal to screen new immigrants for �Canadian values�. The proposal has gotten Leitch a lot of support, but it�s also gotten her a lot of criticism from people who say that the proposal is racist. White ethnic nationalists have even latched onto Leitch�s campaign, in much the same way as their American counterparts have to President Donald Trump. Since then, Leitch has denied that her campaign is based on ethnic nationalism. Instead, she says, it is based on civic values. Her campaign website indicates that the �Canadian values� she promotes include gender equality, freedom of religion, freedom and tolerance.
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 6:24 am

I think people confuse the container with the contents, and some knowingly conflate the two because it serves their agenda. Canada is a multicultural country, but one built on a legal, ethical and institutional framework that is unambiguously Western European in origin (with some aboriginal influence). This is not a contradiction. The structure can support and accommodate members or any culture, as long as the framework holds. The activists (and it's always them) who want to change the framework do so out of a believe that having a Western European social framework creates a hierarchy favouring those of Western European ancestry. Oh no, privilege!

But once again, they're confusing the container with the contents. The framework could have just as easily been built on an Easter European, Asian, African or American indigenous model. It's reasonable to believe that some type of containers lends themselves more to the development of a multicultural society, but we have little evidence to go on, because the ethnic state is still the default model.

But once the framework is in place, you don't want to monkey around too much with it. It's the stable structure that allows the society within to be more fluid and evolutionary.

Honouring Canada's Western European origins is not elevating Canadians of Western European heritage above other citizens. Nor does it require whitewashing of the more unpleasant aspects of our history. It's simply recognizing the fact that Canada as it is today is a continuation of Canada as it was founded. We Canadians are all part of this grand experiment.

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