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PostPosted: Mon Feb 09, 2009 1:24 am

MichaelJ MichaelJ:
Hi all:
Firs time poster. This forum is great!
I am living in FL planning on a move to BC (Vancouver) next year. I have some questions for you all - your input is appreciated!

1) If you are a Canadian who's lived/living in the USA, what do you see the major differences are (culture/work)?

Well, I never lived in Vancouver, nor would I want to live in that cesspit (kidding kidding), but being a former resident of the United States for five years, there are a few differences, but nothing really worth noting. Americans are a bit more religious, Canadians a bit more egotistical when dealing with the United States, but nothing really mind blowing.

2) What do you like better about Canada?

People are generally a bit more friendlier, not noticeably so, (city people are generally still uptight assholes, for example, doesn't matter if you're in Montreal or NYC), but I think I prefer the small things, like the more greenness in cities, and...I enjoy the cold weather.

3) What does Canada have to offer that the US doesn't?

Ketchup Chips, Coffee Crisps, Smarties (M&Ms are better) Caramilk, flavored tuna, these really good Sweet and Sour/Cherry sauces by VH (good shit), more greenness.

4) If you are a Canadian, do you have any desire to live in the USA?

Well currently as a student, no, but depending on my future career goals, I have no idea...too many options right now, but if I was given the opportunity, I wouldn't say no.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 09, 2009 7:58 am

I am currently going to try get move there as well. And for one, our family 4 generations back originally move from Europe to Canada. Then 2 generations ago the family moved to the US. So far I am the only one in my family that is interested in moving, I guess you could say "back there".

My reasons...
The culture- I love beer, I love hockey, I love the cold, I love the outdoors. Now I know there is so much more then that but you cant say its NOT part of the culture ;)
The climate- Like I said I love the winter season. I don't mind the cold. I used to the -10s/-20s(F) -or- -25s/-30(C).
The outdoors- You have lakes and tree and I love driving from city to city and all all you see is the outdoor :D
The People- You guys are NOT arrogant assholes. And I am a nice, polite, and very tolerant person. And those type of people don't make it in America for some reason :roll:

I don't even care about the health care or making money. If I do move there, I will be happy with just living life and having a home, food, and with hope a family...just enjoying living. In America, there is a stressed feeling of making money, having high educations, and having a stressful job..always living with a "fear".

My only cons
The only thing I have to worry about is driving long distances with icy road conditions. And I guess making friends and fitting in.

Caffeine- I love it, I cant live without...probably just because I'm addicted to it.

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