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PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 7:20 am

I wish voters would step back and remember history before voting. Harper? Cold and aloof, calculating. Seems like a very smart man, advised banks to tighten their rules because he saw the world recession coming. I have my choice of jobs, and the lowest taxes I can remember. I seem to remember him saying that Canada should have went to Iraq ( Before he got in power ), against 65% of Canadians wishes, I also don't think we should be wasting money on drug enforcement. Ignateff? Who is this guy? Comes from Harvard where he preaches to the people who put the World in a recession, and leads the party that throws money away on sponsorship scandals, taxes to pay for unions and champagne parties, that is liberal. Don't give Easterners job opportunities, just extend E.I. times to keep them living and under their thumb. Layton???? What a joke, 8% voted for him, but only 45% voted conservative, so lets start a coalition with the Bloc (Who won't even sing the anthem, yeah real Canadians) and take over the Gov. Sure students, you'll get all the free schooling you want, but make sure you take nursing or teaching, because the NDP will kill all other businesses. Vote for low taxes, and keep our economy strong, do Not rely on the Gov. for your retirement, have you seen elderly people picking bottles? Thats what happens.

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