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PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 5:07 pm

I don't 'advertise' really anything too much, but this is something I really had to share. It's a great and funny game where you are the 'God' of a 'Hero'. You do basically nothing except help him in little ways. The game is a parody of everything else in our world, so it shouldn't be taken seriously or stressed over. You don't even have to actually play because it's the Hero's game to play, and he'll do it without you.

The things said in this game will make you laugh at some point or another.

There is an app for Apple products and one for Android... If you know Russian there's one for the Windows 7 phone ;) It is accessible via the internet (and needs the internet to run in the first place) and is the exact same thing as the app versions. If you sign up with an Android be sure to give an email address and a password in your settings menu so you can log in on a computer if you want to.

It's a good casual game for people who don't like to finish off a game in 30 minutes and likes a good funny surprise.

PROTIP: Don't worry too much about dying. It's kinda rare. Also, your hero will ignore you whenever it feels like it. Read the FAQ and such for some tips but truthfully this game runs itself and you're just here for the ride.

Once my character said "Thought about giving money to the poor. Decided to give it to the rich instead so they can donate it." (and I lost 700 coins because of it dammit) and "I just saw the violence inherent in the system." :lol: Just now I got "Felt butterflies in my stomach. I guess eating those caterpillars the other day was a bad idea." When I'm fighting monsters it will say something like "The Cast Iron Man is take a break as mandated by his union..."

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