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PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2009 10:44 pm

StuntmanMike wrote:
TattoodGirl wrote:
Sid the Kid is third overall in points in the NHL. He is getting them and sometimes a Captain needs to send a message out by throwing a few punches.

edit: Forgot to mention Malkin is first overall in points.

Yeah, Sid's plus-minus rating sucks and he's only managed 4 points in the last couple of weeks, during which time the Penquins have lost six of eight.

This team needs to get it together, and I don't see how having the Captain sucker-punch a guy during a face off is going to light that fire. Shit like that is bush-league.

Your math must be wrong because I don't consider a plus-minus rating of 5 as 'sucking' considering the other superstars on the board but oh well. Sid the 'kid' is 21 years old, and thrust with the responsibility as being captain. Whether that gets to his head remains to be seen. Get back to me in 10 years and when he pulls this 'bush league shit' again, then try your 'grow up' routine. Everybody has off years and nobody is perfect in hockey and when every single inch of your life is scrutinized (even before you are even in the NHL) on how many points you score because of expectations, you can't please everybody, least of all people like you. Jesus.

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