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PostPosted: Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:27 pm

Seriously - I can't believe this became an issue.

I was on the same Rec league team for 7 years and it all came to an end this season, and the drama continues after my departure.

The team has always had great chemistry. Ages ranging from 20 to 60, we play a lot of tournaments, we hang out, it's great. 5 or so years ago another guy took over the team (call him the Captain I guess) and things were never better. Then things changed.

First thing, we let a couple women in the room. They were okay, it was a big joke hahahaha look over here hahaha, then they left. Next thing you know the Captain leaves his wife for one of them... Uh oh... The new girl is mouthy, opinionated, and trashy. Suddenly she and the Captain's sister are in the room all the time - WTF. Next thing the sister displaces a wife of one of the OTHER players, who leaves his wife and daughter for this captain's sister...

OK things are clearly getting f*%ked.

Our best player's wife is the 'coach'. SHE is respectful of our territory, is in the room at times, but she also helps out a lot with the team. She's okay, never causes problems, but she has established a precedent and the other 2 women want in too. (WHY, for God's Sake Why?!?) The sister and girlfriend of the captain are in the room before and after every game, while guys are showering and changing... WTF

Myself and a few other guys start complaining. Bad enough for our wives that we are gone all the time to play hockey - these girls get to hang out with us while we are changing and even go to tournaments with us? Seriously Every. Single. Game. The 2 girls are at times caught obviously checking out the guys' gear (not the stuff in the hockey bag, obviously). I guess i made a lot of noise that pissed off the Captain's girlfriend, who confronts me while I'm in the hot tub - clearly she's drunk and high as the trashy skank tends to be - and when i tell her 'the team will decide' and that 'the team' doesn't include her - she loses it and proceeds to throw a half-full beer can and a salad at me...

That was the last game i played for the team. It escalated, but only a couple of guys said anything. Behind my back the Captain (under his GF's thumb completely) orchestrates a secret/closed email vote as to whether or not i stay on the team. Granted I had had a couple of small problems with a couple guys, but on a team that happens to everyone. At this point i am ready to leave anyway, but still - WTF. Nobody ever sees the tally, my first info on it is being told that i have been voted off of the team. I don't get to see the tally, i have since talked to 2/3 to 3/4 of the team who all said it wasn't them that voted me out - leading me to believe that the email vote was a sham to get me out. No big deal - i have moved on to a couple of better teams and I am quite happy, albeit a little choked that the team let this happen.

I am still good friends with a lot of the team, especially the goalie, so i get a lot of info on the happenings still.

Now things are getting real messed up in the room though. An agreement is made that the girls are not allowed in the room during changing before, or after, the game; but they're allowed in after the changing is done... this does not last long. It all came to a head last game - they came in again, the goalie lost it and said enough is enough, and he quit the team. This goalie is a great goalie too. I mean, he is probably the best Rec goalie in the entire area, a rare and valuable commodity to any rec team, and he is also a great guy and a lot of fun to party with. A huge loss to the team. He posts on facebook about the whole thing - now things get really messed up. His post draws a couple of comments from team members, now everyone, including the wives, can see this. Now just let this sink in.



The problem now is that the wives know? You guys need balls. Jesus. SO everyone is up in arms. Guys who have been on the team 15 years are ready to walk away because these 2 broads are always in the room. What - it wasn't a problem when your wife didn't know? Was it a secret fantasy to these guys that another woman (unattractive though they may be) is checking out their gear? Head-check, guys. To clarify, the guy walking after 15yrs objected before as well, his wife knew, and he is on the up-and-up. It's the rest of the team that need to do a dick-check real quick here.

I want to know if anyone else has had this crap happen, because in 30 years of hockey I certainly have never heard of it. Why would a woman want to be in there anyway? The smell alone... Why would the guys want their girlfriend in a room full of other guys' nudity?

And what about the opposite situation? My wife's team (if she were on one) with a couple of husbands/boyfriends in the room? YIKES. Never Happen.

As soon as one person on the team, ONE PERSON, said they had a problem with it, the issue should have been done and they needed to GTFO.

TL:DR - Basically a perfectly good hockey team is imploding, losing the best goalie in the area and several long-term players, over 2 girls who have some unfathomable desire to hang out in a guys hockey dressing room, and the Captain's unfathomable desire to let them.


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CKA Uber
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:57 pm

Nice rant.

Welcome !


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PostPosted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 8:30 am

For the past 10 years there's really only been one girl (other than 2 Olympians) that I've skated with. Usually she changes in a separate room or the referee's room. On the occasion that there isn't another room she has changed with us. She only comes into the room once all the guys have all their under armour on, then she goes into the shower or bathroom and does the same. After the skate she will wait outside till everyone is showered and changed and only then does she come in. She changes down to her under clothing then grabs her stuff and goes into the shower alone. All the guys are very protective of her privacy and she of ours. The only time we see her bra and thong are on the locker hook. If anyone had an issue with her playing, she would just bow out and leave, but she has been a great addition to our groups.

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