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PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2007 7:16 am

It is really hard to be a liberal these days. :oops:

Because I beleive in a lot of the policy set forth by Liberal Ideology - I have been willing to overlook other problems that have been evident in the past.

I see now that was a mistake.

I am sure many Liberals voted NDP or even PC in the last federal election - to send a message. And i hope that this message will sink in for our Federal Liberals. Perhaps Dion is the man to keep things clean in the Party.

But it seems we STILL have some message sending for the Provincial Liberals.

Just do it one more time and we'll have sent our message and both our province and country will benefit for years to come.

1. MP Maria Minna
Grabbing $250,000 in cash for COSTI Immigrant Services and the Bengali Cultural Society. How can you call it a grant when there was no application process? no announcement? no accountability?

The president of the Bengali Cultural Society, Farhana Rahman a card-carrying member of the Liberal party.

2. MPP Mike Colle
for all intents and purposes - he was the cookie jar
- 31 million of unaccounted for cash, sent here and there to liberal friendly groups.
- the only announcement of the funds published on a page buried several clicks into an obscure part of their website - that IS NOT AN ANNOUNCEMENT
- some money handed over to a group run by one of his advisors until a few weeks ago
it just doesn't look good - and it is not the LIBERAL way!!
- no application process fo the money - i.e. they gave it to whomever they wished.
- no accountablility as to how the money is spent

meanwhile, us ontarians go on paying our growing provincial and municipal taxes - so that they can do it all again!!

3. Dalton McGuinty himself
Most politicians can be forgiven for hasty promises to win an election - i forgave him. He has done some good work. ( I am still peeved at my now annual Health Fee :( )

But he is being a blockhead about this slush -fund thing, it was NOT a transparent process, and any Canadian who can read knows that.

PLEASE! write these people! tell them you want accountability - before they pay for it in the next election. or maybe they should!! One term to sit-it-out isn't the worst thing. In fact it's the only real way to talk to these guys.

A. Admit you are wrong (we are smart enough to knwo that good people make mistakes)
B. Resign if you Participated (it doesn't mean your career is over - it GIVES you credibility)
C. Clean up the Party Image (some accountabiity would be a good start)

Remember Jean Charest? He resigned years and years ago after admitting he phoned a judge to help a person in trouble - a clear conflict of interest.

He was a young and inexperienced - but adult enough to take his stripes.

That's why he has so much credibility.

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