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CKA Uber
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2006 9:01 am

[align=center]'Dirty tricks' behind probe of Liberals
Shady party memberships spark investigation


Liberal party officials are accusing rivals of U.S.-style dirty politics as a police probe gets underway over allegations hundreds of new party members were improperly signed up across Canada.

"This is like Republican Party-type of dirty tricks," party national director Steve MacKinnon said yesterday. "It seems that someone has an axe to grind. "

MacKinnon is upset the party wasn't contacted by Toronto lawyer Richard Boraks, who said he has obtained a list of "suspicious" newly signed


The list of names of more than 300 members of the Liberal Party of Canada was forwarded yesterday to RCMP commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli and chief electoral officer Jean-Pierre Kingsley.

The list contains the names of people who are alleged to have not paid a $10 fee when they signed membership forms allowing them to vote in December's leadership race.

Under party rules, all members must pay their own membership dues. Candidate Joe Volpe's campaign was fined $ 20,000 last month for giving forms to members who didn't pay their fees.

Among those allegedly signed up was an Etobicoke man who had been dead for two years.

And 11 people were registered as living at Brampton's Village of India restaurant, which owner Balbir Kathuria said was the "result of a misunderstanding."

Boraks said the confidential membership list was provided to him by campaign workers, who wanted an investigation.

"It is odd that the party wasn't approached with the allegations," MacKinnon said from Ottawa. "This has to be viewed with skepticism."


Elections Canada spokesman Valerie Hacke said she couldn't confirm or deny if her officials are investigating.

RCMP Sgt. Martin Blais said the information will be reviewed and appropriate steps taken.

This is delicious.
One faction of the Liberal party is accusing another faction of "Republican Party-type of dirty tricks". How outlandish is that. I'd say the Liberals could school the Republicans on dirty tricks.

And if you listen very, very quietly, you can hear them giggling at the notion of lapdog Zaccardelli investigating anything.

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