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PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2009 4:17 pm

I saw news coverage of the NDP convention. A couple members called for not only dropping the word "New" from the name "New Democratic Party", but also recommended moving the party to the political centre. This would include advocating tax cuts, and sound financial management. I'm having difficulty holding myself back from lashing out at those words in association with the NDP. I live in Manitoba, we have an NDP provincial government here. But being more generous, perhaps I should point out the mix of tax cuts and sound financial management together with social programs really sound like the Liberal party. If the NDP really wants to go in that direction, perhaps they should just merge with the Liberals. After all, Jack Layton has been the one strongly arguing for dramatically increased taxes to fund his social programs. Social programs are good, to a point, but you have to be moderate and always look at the cost. I don't think Jack Layton will ever be able to move in the tax cut or sound financial management direction. I have to hold out his vote against a national child care program in November 2005 that caused the 2006 election. Perhaps simply merging with the Liberals would be an easy way to replace him.

I would also like to call upon the Green Party to join the Liberal party. Stéphane Dion's Green Shift was almost identical to the Green Party's environmental policy. The Green Shift called for a phased-in carbon tax, starting at $10 per tonne of carbon emissions, then $20, and culminating at $30 per tonne. The Green Party wanted a carbon tax of $40 per tonne. Not really different. Actually I disagree with a carbon tax, but we can debate that on the policy convention floor. The point is to get everyone in the same room.

As long as the NDP, Liberal, and Green party's split the vote, the Conservatives will continue to get a minority government every time. They only got in by "uniting the right", but the Reform Party (renamed Alliance) merging with the Progressive Conservatives. They didn't have a hope until they united. The true centre parties need to unite as well. Although a left-wing NDP is not compatible with the Liberals, if they really want to move the centre then unity is not only possible, it makes sound politics.

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