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PostPosted: Mon Sep 29, 2008 9:54 pm

Angus Reid Poll: Step. 29, 2008 wrote:
CALGARY – With less than a month to go until the October federal election, Canadians continue to believe the NDP would make a good official opposition party, a new Angus Reid Strategies poll reveals.

In the online survey of a national representative sample of 1,004 adults, 59 per cent of respondents strongly or moderately agree that the NDP would do a good job as the official opposition in Ottawa, while 28 per cent disagree. Another 37 per cent go further to say the NDP would even be successful as the next federal government.

For the most part, the numbers are roughly unchanged from the previous poll carried out on September 9 by Angus Reid Strategies.

Notably, males and females differ considerably in their beliefs. While females are slightly more inclined to think the NDP would make a good federal government (39% women, 36% men), males are much more prone to believing the NDP would make a good official opposition (62% men, 57% women).

Older adults would agree: two-thirds (65%) feel the NDP would be successful as the next opposition party (at least seven points more than their respective counterparts). In turn, 42 per cent of respondents aged 18 to 34 think the NDP would do a good job as the ruling party of Canada, compared to 37 per cent of respondents aged 35-54 and slightly fewer older adults (34%).

A political breakdown reveals that Canadians who intend to vote for the NDP in the next federal ballot continue to show confidence that their party would function well as both an official opposition party and the next federal government (94%). Bloc Québécois voters also continue to endorse the NDP more than the remaining parties—70 per cent think it would make a good opposition party and roughly half (49%) think it would even succeed as the next federal government.

In turn respondents supporting the Conservative Party continue to oppose both scenarios. Less than half (48%) think the NDP would be a good opposition party, while only 15 per cent would back them as the ruling party.

They love us, :D

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